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Gölf Borg

Concept: “If the ball lands on any point of the hole tile, it goes in.” 
Content: Gölf, but with more corpses, arcane catastrophes, and razor-tooth gophers.
Writing: Some basic instructions, some practical tables, and some impractical (but entertaining) ones.
Art/design: Hexes, golf balls, and grit. 
Usability: Includes combat characteristics for golf clubs. 

Instrument of Agony

Concept: “the first draft of Mörk Borg torture rules and items.”
Content: Torture devices (and their prices), torture mechanics, torture tables, torturer “titles”, torture, torture, torture, and a shadowy fiend. 
Writing: As the above may suggest, less gratuitous and slightly more gonzo than it at first appears.
Art/design: A condensed torturer’s reference, with technical lithographic prints.
Usability: Flows elegantly down the page. Available in print-friendly, bloodied, or faded yellow. 
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