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Andy Nemeth

d66 Descriptions of a new PC arriving

13 contributors
Concept: “Your friends MÖRK BORG character died again and you need a spicy event to introduce his new hero to the party? Then you are damn right here!”
Content: d66 ways to introduce a new Scvm to the dying world.
Writing: Like 13 people worked together to produce this cursed table.
Art/design: A skull spider draws the eye to this table's individual contributors. Tortured background images emphasize the text.
Usability: Interaction between visible elements and text occasionally diminishes legibility.

Deck of Consumption

Concept: “Use a deck of mundane cards to easily bring forth time’s suffering: hungering stomaches, extinguished lanterns, and wandering monsters.”
Content: Rules to measure time, light, and suffering—with a deck of cards.
Writing: Clear and flexible rules for time management. Alongside explanations of their consequences/benefits.
Art/design: A surprisingly content dead king presides over the whole presentation.
Usability: Requires a deck of playing cards. 

His Delicious Corpse

Concept: “You notice his corpse when…”
Content: An encounter with a delicious corpse, and then with its consequences.
Writing: Tastefully epicurean and tantalizingly specific. 
Art/design: The desaturated black and white image of decay and death stands in shocking defiance of the sensual lies written in yellow and black.
Usability: If you’re going to eat a corpse, it should probably be this one. With ready made “flavor” text and a delicious spread of consequences. You’ll definitely be asking for seconds. 

Name Thy Murder Stick

Concept: “Your TTRPG character's butcherin' weapon deserves a murderous name... like RUSTY TOE CUTTER”
Content: A three part name generator for your murder sticks.
Writing: Adjective, body part about to come to serious harm, verb.
Art/design: It’s not just a sword.
Usability: Can be used to name existing murder sticks, or as an abstract generator for implements of death.

Reclaim Your Corpse

“Your mind stews in total darkness 
Your ears listen to a busy bone saw 
You wake in a meat cart...” 
Content: “A quick meat-punk dungeon crawl”
Writing: A straightforward dungeon complicated by a few missing limbs and a follow-on hex crawl with the opportunity to earn a few more.
Art/design: Art and design reconstituted from constituent parts of varying styles.
Usability: Best not to take for granted the limb-itations of your scvm. 

Social Encounter With a Psychic Spider

Concept: “We both know the title tells you everything you need to hear.”
Content: A social encounter with a psychic spider.
Writing: Regal and demanding, with requests and secrets that'll make your skin crawl. 
Art/design: The desaturated, elegant, but slightly disturbed design elements reinforce the tension of a princess who wishes to be so much more than just a spider.
Usability: With prose that inspires as much as it implies. These improvisational aids provide just the right information for a truly memorable social engagement. 

Soul-Stitched Abomination

Concept: “The Shadow King’s stitchers grow ever desperate to make a perfect being before the end of all things - you are the flawed product of trembling fingers and sweating palms”
Content: A class embodying the rejected creation.
Writing: Powerful and pitiable in equal measure. 
Art/design: Abominable imagery recounts the folly of human notions of perfection. 
Usability: Physical characteristic-based abilities and complimentary random tables make for some entertaining mechanical and narrative interplay. 

Sweet Revenge

Concept: “11 ways monsters hurt you for missing terribly. Use frequently to keep combat moving forward.”
A table of outcomes for missed attack rolls.
A spiteful but fair table which scales with the magnitude of your failure.
Bristling with armaments.
For the impatient masochist in all of us.
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