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Lars Brozinski

d66 Descriptions of a new PC arriving

13 contributors
Concept: “Your friends MÖRK BORG character died again and you need a spicy event to introduce his new hero to the party? Then you are damn right here!”
Content: d66 ways to introduce a new Scvm to the dying world.
Writing: Like 13 people worked together to produce this cursed table.
Art/design: A skull spider draws the eye to this table's individual contributors. Tortured background images emphasize the text.
Usability: Interaction between visible elements and text occasionally diminishes legibility.

Godless Soul Doctor

Concept: “The individual organ strands and fleshy openings of your throat were relocated in a head made of glass that you forged under agony. You finally feel whole. You healed your body and thereby your soul.”
Content: An open minded intellectual with room for growth.
Writing: There’s some philosophy going on here. Don’t lose your head.
Art/design: Art depicting the pinnacle of self-mastery (or sabotage?), in a smooth two-page layout.
Usability: A character class that fits right in with the gonzo elements of Mörk Borg. Could be mistaken for a wickhead by both the ignorant and the scholarly. 
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