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The Eldritch Tomb


Concept: “An alternate Miseries prophecy”
… inspired by ABBA
Successfully adapts images and concepts into apocalyptic enigmas
Mimics the Nameless Scriptures’ layout with highlighting for easy reference and textured background for visual variety
It’s a really upbeat, peppy apocalypse. From Sweden.

Album Crawl

19 contributors
Concept: “A collection of deafening dungeons and auditory misadventures for MÖRK BORG.”
22 music-inspired settings and scenarios; many intriguing rules and foes; alternate Miseries; a whole spread of punishments for unruly dice
Variously fascinating and horrifying
Widely variegated but all nicely done
A couple atypical layouts that reward a bit of scrutiny and patience

Babalon's Hangover 2

23 contributors
Concept: “A bestiary brimmed with 105 pages, 42+ Occult monsters, including Esoteric scriptures to die for, and Hopeless dungeons to die even more for.”
Content: Monsters and scriptures and dungeons, Oh my!
Writing: Text ranges from bloviated to concise; brisk to simple. But it is reliably miserable.
Art/design: A menagerie of styles as creative and varied as the community which spawned them.
Usability: Divided in three sections with a full index to aid navigation. Entries of varied accessibility and ease of reference at your table. 


Concept: “The City on the Edge of All Misery”
A twisted, foreboding locale and stats for members of its three factions
Highly descriptive; verbiage, style, and syntax used by the implied “narrator” artfully adopts and reflects characteristics of the things being described
A linear, accessible layout with sections with typographical choices differentiating sections and aiding navigation of the mechanical components
A bizarre and compelling setting for GMs to play with (and for PCs to die in)

Betrayed Phantom

Concept: “Between earth and the beyond, SOMETHING REACHED OUT. You took its bargain, and it took your body.”
A ghostly character class with some distinctive characteristics
Very sharp, efficient, and evocative
Effective layout with brighter colors adding emphasis against a cool ground and image
Versatile; some special features are purely narrative-oriented

Carnival of Desecration

Concept: “A great carnival stretches out before you. It has been recently set up and the carnival barker outside promises nothing but disappointment.”
A series of carnival encounters inspired by Triple Live Möther Gööse at Budokan by Green Jellÿ
Writing: Playfully grim and sardonic, just like we like it
“Art and Layout by no one.” Sans serif all day, baby.
Adventure flow is largely at the GM’s discretion

d66 Descriptions of a new PC arriving

13 contributors
Concept: “Your friends MÖRK BORG character died again and you need a spicy event to introduce his new hero to the party? Then you are damn right here!”
Content: d66 ways to introduce a new Scvm to the dying world.
Writing: Like 13 people worked together to produce this cursed table.
Art/design: A skull spider draws the eye to this table's individual contributors. Tortured background images emphasize the text.
Usability: Interaction between visible elements and text occasionally diminishes legibility.

Every God Will Fall

Concept: “d8 Supernatural Hirelings Fallen From Grace”
An varied assortment of divine (presumably) entities
Backstories and descriptions contribute genuine (often sympathetic) character
Illustrations and other design elements equally contribute to characterization
Yes, please

Executioner of Nechrubel

Concept: “The Dark Lord dispatches these to rid the world of threats to the apocalypse. The end of all things will not be denied.”
A powerful, relentless agent of the apocalypse
Stats, special abilities, and some lyric lore
White and yellow text stand out against the cool, dark ground, emphasizing the sinister illustration
Easy for the GM to run, and will probably inspire PCs to run (away)


Concept: “This dread creature is sure to haunt your players right where they’re safest: In their own homes. During the holidays. Sneering with judgment.”
A bitter, cheer-killing wight; includes description, stats, special mechanics, and scathing remarks
Captures the spirit (maybe literally) of an overly-critical matriarch
Overall, horribly festive with progressively creepy grandmas
Plenty of flavor to really help the GM get into character

Göran's Reavers

Concept: “Göran is the son of a mighty chief whose lack of devotion to the gods of blood ended when Göran ate his face. Now he rules his reavers with an iron fist and a savage spiked axe. His title as Usurper is coveted.”
Content: A faction of reavers worshiping gods of blood.
Writing: Backgrounds and mechanics complicate and enrich a faction that might otherwise be monolithic.
Art/design: A clean legible layout full of bloody worship.
Usability: Drop wherever you need a little more blood.

Hail the Rat God

“‘The Rat God’ is not her name. You are not worthy of her name. HAIL THE RAT GOD.”

Kennels of Karnage

Concept: “A short adventure about saving lost dogs”
A 10-room dungeon with an additional class, a short solo prequel, variant Misery, and exclusive monster
Sharp and full of character
Clearly, cleanly laid out with evocative illustrations
Includes death and abuse of animals, but nothing graphic or explicit

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Pair Of Skeletal Legs and A Thrashing Spine With A Skull That Makes Fun Of You When You Miss

Concept: “Pair Of Skeletal Legs and A Thrashing Spine With A Skull That Makes Fun Of You When You Miss”
A cheeky, comedic horror
Description fits the concept; dialog table is subtle and clever
Digital primitivism economized
Small text is a bit difficult to read at a glance but contributes to the monster's playfully antagonistic character

Rise of the Dead Dreamer

Concept: “An apocalypse prophecy featuring a dead dreamer you likely will recognize.”
Content: A great old 7:7.
Writing: A slow regression into madness and ecstasy. 
Art/design: Art that awakens something deep down, two columns of terror.
Usability: Sigils rendered in understandable geometries. 
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