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Michael Mars

An Cailleach

Concept: “She is the lichen-covered rocks and the mountain peaks. She is the bared earth covered with snow and frost. She is the Deep Ancestress, veiled by the passage of time. And you were born under her influences.”
A class closely aligned with the substances and cycles of the natural world
Delivers context and mechanics with loads of folkloric flavor
Includes some very personal art—maybe the first tattoo used as an illustration in Mörk Borg?
Class features are more thematically than mechanically oriented (but still pretty useful)

Buster Bone-Gnawer, Börker of Shadows

Concept: “An ageless hound protects the Dying World from succumbing to Psalm 6:1.”
Stats and abilities for, and boons granted by, scvm’s best friend
Mostly mechanics but includes some descriptive text to add character
Conventional Mörk Borg layout and design with some trippy artwork and an obligatory femur
This good boi is eager to please

By Nechrubel’s Heart

Concept: “Until the world blackens and burns, until the Miseries are unleashed, and even beyond to the Shimmering Fields. We belong together and to each other.”
A Valentine’s greeting and a gross, blackened heart
Includes a short missive and mechanics for the Misery-defying heart
Black on yellow. Hearts. Grungy typefaces and textures. Mörk Borg.
If only we’d had this to give to our friends in grade school

Conquest of Cthulhu

“You must journey to the Temple in the heart of the Mountains of Madness, deep in the Bergen Chrypt to align the stars and weaken Nechrubel by raising R’lyeh from the Endless Sea and awakening the Great Old One, Cthulhu.”

Creature from the Black Bayou

Concept: “The Fishman fossils were found and explorers were sent, but will they survive against the Creature from the Black Bayou?”
Content: A fishman. Ready to drag you below.
Writing: Stats evoke a dangerous aquatic stalker. Ready to ambush isolated scvm.
Art/design: Black & white horror movie poster.
Usability: Keep moist. 

D66 Presents from Santa

“This is a wonderful list of definitely not cursed gifts from Santa.”

d666 Names for the Dying World

Concept: “Whenever a PC asks a NPC what the Dying World is called, roll 3d6 and consult this chart. That’s what that NPC thinks the Dying World is called.”
A trio of 6-point tables
Tongue firmly in cheek
Yellow. Pink. Black. Old Newspaper Type. Copperplate Gothic. Good to go.
Get ready for Die Nohrland

Demon Dogrider / Hellhound

Concept: “Your growth has been stunted by a dark pact that binds you to a canid companion and feeds its fury.”
A lance-wielding goblin class with a beastly mount
Includes standard class profile (the mount, not rider, benefit from class features) and a stat block for the hellhound
Text heavy, but uses color to organize sections and highlight important information
As a composite character, poses certain risks but also provides particular benefits

Eldritch Elevations

Concept: “Blessed are the Powers granted to us by the Basilisks and Blessed are we by their use!”
20 options for critical success when using Powers
Clear, concise descriptions of narrative and mechanical effects
Economical type choices; presentation emphasizes the textual subject
Roll & read

Emerald Serpent of the Isle

Concept: “The Serpents Returns to Ireland in MÖRK BORG”
Content: An emerald serpent-man. A shedder of skin. A summoner of snakes.
Writing: Just the stats. Do what you wish with them.
Art/design: Hand drawn, painted and written. Straight out of the DM's notes.
Usability: Flexible abilities for a surprising npc, combat encounter, or ally. 

Frankenstein The Artpunk Prometheus

Concept: “It is true, we shall be monsters, cut off from all the world; but on that account we shall be more attached to one another.”
Content: Stats and character classes for Frankenstein and the Monster; also includes handy tables for random body parts and their sources
Writing: Concise explications of mechanics with some quotations from the novel for flavor
Art/design: B&W layouts visually preserve the source material’s brooding, gothic tone in the eponymous artpunk style
Usability: Use of elaborate typefaces like blackletter and script in small point slows reading 

Kennels of Karnage

Concept: “A short adventure about saving lost dogs”
A 10-room dungeon with an additional class, a short solo prequel, variant Misery, and exclusive monster
Sharp and full of character
Clearly, cleanly laid out with evocative illustrations
Includes death and abuse of animals, but nothing graphic or explicit

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Licensed to Ill

Concept: “Listed here are just some of the effects that listening to this LP inflicted upon the Dying World!”
Content: Rules primarily for using and abusing the fabled Brass Monkey, but also includes other Beastly Boys-aligned components
Writing: Takes itself completely seriously, which only makes it funnier
Art/design: A more traditional layout and muted background gradient lend an appropriately dignified air
Usability: Some specialized interactions with other 3rd-party supplements
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