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Ben Gyurik

Champion of Ruin

“Let yourself become the black disk to blot out the sun.”

Crestfallen Sellsword

Concept: “A once respected swordsman, now just another forgotten soul in a world tormented by death.”
A careworn but still formidable mercenary class
Gives a sense of destitution alongside an indefatigable persistence
The figure’s color and texture reinforces the concept’s worn grittiness highlighted by subtle, lingering energy
Small text may be challenging to read in print (and especially in black and white)

Deathbound Marauder

Concept: “Forced to live outside the village as an outcast, your new worship of the evil ancestor spirit carved out a new path.”
A northern barbarian fit for Mörk Borg
Includes standard class profile with an additional Blackened Ancestor Spirit feature
Text is easy to read and navigate; art is a characterful, well composed depiction
“Wear gloves while handling this scroll as the Frost Giant skin it was etched on will rot your hands.”

Forsaken Oathbearer

Concept: “With the mortal coil severed like an umbilical cord, you are now an abomination.”
Three tables to generate background, 4 dark gifts, and a fun vampiric feature
Writing: Establishes the class’s damned/unholy/undead nature
Effective typographic design and an interesting, expressive illustration
More tables = more rolls = more fun

Monastery ov the Horned One

“King Fathmu's Chancellor Graf promised me 400 silver to create this scrawled map. Perhaps it was for naught... If you lay your hands on it, ask for more.”

Renegade Witch Hunter

“The vows made with the Inquisition were not enough. The world is ending, yet daemons walk among mortals that cry for help. You're here to answer their prayers... but not for free.”
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