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30 Days of Mörk Borg Adventure Chapbook vol. 2: On the Island of Dying Gods

“This book expands the one-page, one-shots taken from my digital offering 30 Days of MÖRK BORG and is the second volume in a planned series of ten. For this volume, we focused on creating three distinct modules within a larger keyed setting, but there’s still plenty of room for improvisation and substitution at your table.”

30 Days of MÖRK BORG Adventure Chapbook Volume 3:3 Churches

“The heretics rise...
The Death Church of Wokath 
Blessed are the dead, for they shall inherit all! 

The Dismal Church of Nagla 
We forge our tradition in the spirit of our ancestors! 

The Flayed Church 
We bow to that which crawls!

Content: Three heretical religions along with their followers, artifacts, seats of power, and teachings.
Writing: Three faiths enshrined in text. With histories and doctrines proving how fertile cults can spring forth from the infertile soil of a dying world.
Art/design: Design elements and illustrations mingle in rapturous heretical rites.
Usability: Visual and textual motifs allow for easy navigation between the faiths during play. 

A Dead God’s Stronghold

Concept: “Have some scvm you can’t seem to part with? Looking for a way to end your game before it ends the world?”
6 thematic hazards and stats for some pretty brutal basilisks
Clear descriptions with a healthy dose of humor
Fits a fair amount of content efficiently onto one page alongside some nice graphic elaborations of the base image
Can be used as an overlay for another dungeon to add extra character and lethality

A Growing Menace

Concept: “The Sarkash forests have gone eerily silent, and travelers who venture too close to the wood line are disappearing without a trace.”
Content: Feast your eyes to an old god of the forest.
Writing: Strong thematic elements established in both background and environmental description.
Art/design: Haunting illustration by Waclaw supports an ominous yet understated layout.
Usability: You won’t get caught up in this web. 

Cultists of Dying Gods

Concept: “Many of those in the dying world still cling to dying gods—ironically, inquisitors most of all. Most of these dying gods need you to torture or be tortured.”
Includes stats for various cultists and rules for torture and trauma; some interesting rules interactions
Writing: Clear and concise with entertaining cultural and metagame references
Nice public domain art (some color-enhanced) sets the tone for individual cults
Pstress rules are a bit complex but robust rather than complicated

Devourer of Afflictions

Concept: “Its followers claim that any who is swallowed by the god shall be reborn, expelled from its lower body free of pain and disease.”
A heavyweight monster that
Compelling description of the devourer along with tables for ingestion effects
Visually well organized; illustration frames the text and obscures the creature, which is a neat choice
Smooth, just like PCs through a giant maggot-god

From Beyond the Endless Sea

Concept: “Cultists, Bloodhawks, secret island temples, wands channeling the Black Wind, loopy hippies, gnarly artifacts, zombified townsfolk, and the ability to loot your bosses' house - and much more - await you.”
Content: A frenzied mob is overtaking Grift, do something about it.
Writing: Deified mob violence unifies multiple sessions in Grift and provides a potential antagonist for long-term play.
Art/design: Design elements convey the compulsions of a waking god. Consistent use of public domain image backdrops.
Usability: Thoughtful design elements on a large-scale aid in utility and navigation. 

Göran's Reavers

Concept: “Göran is the son of a mighty chief whose lack of devotion to the gods of blood ended when Göran ate his face. Now he rules his reavers with an iron fist and a savage spiked axe. His title as Usurper is coveted.”
Content: A faction of reavers worshiping gods of blood.
Writing: Backgrounds and mechanics complicate and enrich a faction that might otherwise be monolithic.
Art/design: A clean legible layout full of bloody worship.
Usability: Drop wherever you need a little more blood.

Hail the Rat God

“‘The Rat God’ is not her name. You are not worthy of her name. HAIL THE RAT GOD.”


Concept: “Ancient god-vessels of cursed skin and soot-black wood, as rare and as valuable as they are blasphemous.”
4 sets of 8 powers granted by dead folk gods
Simple and straightforward mechanically; minimalist but seething with character and tone
Black-and-white art on black ground beside white text; the graphic design is as maliciously expressive as the visuals
Covers are blank to ensure random selection; red page headings facilitate quick reference

Note: Original run was misprinted the first and last inside pages on the covers


Concept: “A macabre artist with the wings of a chiroptera. She is perfect in every way, a goddess of the night.”
An adaptation of the Aztec deity of night, astrology, and calendrics
A straightforward stat block with descriptions full of visual and visceral imagery
Illustration blends prolific and the macabre elements in a very well-devised and -executed composition
Potentially dangerous in combat, but well suited (and probably more compelling) in a more narrative or character-driven role

Rise of the Dead Dreamer

Concept: “An apocalypse prophecy featuring a dead dreamer you likely will recognize.”
Content: A great old 7:7.
Writing: A slow regression into madness and ecstasy. 
Art/design: Art that awakens something deep down, two columns of terror.
Usability: Sigils rendered in understandable geometries. 

Sacrifice Before Sunrise

Concept: “A plan to dethrone King Fathmu IX by replacing him with the grotesque child-god is mere days from success.”
Content: Political assassination by ritual god-child sacrifice.
Writing: A surprising amount of depth for a tiny, burned village and the chase for an infant god.
Art/design: Divine blend of color, artful illustration, and navigable sidebar column layout.
Usability: Easier to use than murdering a god-baby. 
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