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Matthew Pfister

Dead Limbs

Concept: “Are you in need of another arm, leg, ear, or other bodily protrusion? Fear not!” 
Content: Replacement limbs, and what to do with them. Maybe also what they do to you.
Writing: Framed as research notes, compiled and annotated by a paranoid scvm.
Art/design: Anatomy study chic.
Usability: Intact and not too crazed. 


Concept: “Come one! Come all! The Freakshow is in town! We have creatures from all over the dying world. Creatures from beyond Bergen Chrypt. Even some from realms not our own. Gather close, listen up, because your in for a wild ride.” 
Content: The wickhead lifecycle, illuminated.
Writing: Frankly, murderous. Violence deified and made manifest.
Art/design: Jagged text and forcefully carved collage work.
Usability: Stylized body text sacrifices some legibility. Probably on a bloody altar. 

Shitholes: Barebones Edition

Concept: “Unfolding it unveils large golden calligraphy at the top of the page: Hraxet’s Humble Homes... you’ve been swindled into a deal with the devil.” 
Content: The Dying Worlds farcical real estate market.
Writing: Simple mechanics, engaging narrative snippets, seriously terrible shelters.
Art/design: Glamorous cover portrait (of Hraxet?), and pinker than I would expect with the barebones moniker.
Usability: Largely plaintext, good visual hierarchy, and legible font for ease of both reading and reference. 
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