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Alas Poor Ottö

“Ottö has retreated to the alchemical workshop, to help himself to all the liquor he can find. He has inadvertently mixed several potions together in his guts, and the weird magical concoction has had peculiar effects...”


6 contributors
Concept: “Children keep disappearing in the forest. But no one dares to visit the abandoned ruin, which juts out of a clearing like a rotten tooth. Whoever crosses the threshold is confronted with a force that scares even the Inquisition. Everything is alive.”
Content: A basilisk-bonding, child-abducting, palace of a flesh crawl.
Writing: A full-bodied blend of humor and horror that spares no raw material.
Art/design: A well-built manor of an adventure design, with tormented sketches, and fleshy full-color illustrations.
Usability: Easily referenced adventure design. A follow-up to Den of Disarray. 

Court of the Black-Hearted Gnome (Dwór Czarnego Gnoma)

Concept: “Like Scorched Ruins the Black Gnome Manor protrudes from the city. Once the gesture of his hand overthrew the kingdoms, now it only rules over the remnant of his deformed mansion.”
Contains setup, gossip, hooks, random encounters, minor loot, and the dungeon itself
A balanced mix of description and mechanics, all fairly concise
Solid design, both graphic and typographic
Adopts Rotblack Sludge’s extremely efficient dungeon presentation

Darker Forts

Concept: “Adds THREE new dungeons and accompanying characters to DARK FORT”
New settings, characters, monsters, items, and optional rules for solo play; useful for generating themed dungeons on the fly
Primarily informational but with just the right amount of creative flair
Strongly reminiscent of Dark Fort
Usability: Like its predecessor, each variant fits on one sheet of paper; doesn’t include custom character sheets

House of the Hollow

Concept: “A mysterious moonlit manor – home to a retired adventurer in the midst of a terrible transformation”
A horror-themed, investigative adventure
Highly focused on delivering important details and atmosphere with a minimum of words
Clean, neat layouts optimized for easy use
The narrative surprise and subtlety may be lost on players who tend to rush in with swords drawn

Invitation to a Dark Masquerade

Concept: “You are cordially invited to Volkenhard Manor in the city of Galgenbeck to attend the annual Masquerade. Masks and costumes required. 
Speak of this to no one.”
Content: A meaty masquerade.
Writing: A sensuous adventure full of social engagement. No mystery here. Only light cannibalism. 
Art/design: High contrast black and white trifold. With somber and weighty character illustrations.
Usability: References Mörktober by Exeunt Press. 

Monkey Murder Manor

“The characters venture into the depths of the venerable Manor, attempt to steal treasure, uncover its dark secrets, and kill a lot of monkeys along the way.”

Murder Party at Dark Manor

Concept: “Players recive a mysterious invataion to a dinner party for a reveal of Master Cadwell's latest invention.”
Dinner and a murder mystery with an interdimensional twist and an escalating fear mechanic
Primarily descriptive; incorporates relatively few formal components
Designed for reading and prep before play rather than heavy in-game usage
Does not provide stats for NPCs

Murkwürst is burning

Concept: “Harsh and bleak, the mining village of Murkwürst is located in a valley of the Wästland... the unfortunate villagers barely survive, barricaded in their unburned house[s].”
Content: A burning village vtt hexcrawl.
Writing: A series of events tables, npcs, and location descriptions to drive the action.
Art/design: Engaging maps and gritty illustrations.
Usability: Integrated with FoundryVTT, references Alles Wird Brennen & Gregor’s Folly. 

The Ball

Concept: “In the crumbling, dilapidated manor house of a dead Schleswig noble, a horrific, expanding life-form has taken up residence.”
Four rooms and tables of major and minor treasures
Concise but descriptive with occult imagery
Graphics are more atmospheric than illustrative images
Discrete text blocks laid out for easy use

The Black Stallion Manor Massacre

“Once renowned stables where boys and girls from all over the country came to be trained in the delicate art of horse mastery. But those days are gone, and a shadow lurks in the vast tree-filled park.”

The Demesne of Conflagration

Concept: “The Endless Sea burns. Within it, a flaming fortress of stench and grotesque hordes. Venture within before all blackens and burns. Free the Lich Queen Aoiva from unrepentant misery.”
A fire-themed mansion crawl
Extremely concise but with enough bizarre detail to fuel the imagination
Good use of color to guide focus and to add character in key places
Pamphlet is nicely laid out for quick, easy use in-game

The Great Axeby

Concept: “You receive a party invitation from the owner of the lavish lakeside mansion next to the guesthouse where you’ve been staying.”
Yes. It’s a Gatsby-inspired mansion crawl.
Overflowing with character and wit
A very clean and appropriate design in the manner of Rotblack Sludge
Extremely well laid out and efficient

The Pest House

Concept: “Enter the pest house, fight past the screaming corpses, find patient zero, and hopefully live to see another miserable week.”
Content: A good doctor’s mistake, Galgenbeck’s problem.
Writing: A highly volatile plague crawl, full of pressure, pus, and projectile vomiting.
Art/design: A sturdy top-down manor illustration in a forest of text, with the occasional pink and yellow highlight.
Usability: Highlights emphasize frequently referenced monsters and mechanics. 
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