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Sölitary Defilement


“Common and Rare Encounters and NPCs to fill your Solitary Defilement dungeon-crawls!”


Concept: “In the town of Harrowshade, tucked away in northern Grift, a somber gloom engulfs the lives of the inhabitants.” 
Content: A Sölitary Defilement Grift-crawl to string you along and leave you in stitches.
Writing: Contains enough rotten detail for engaging solo or GM-less play. With secrets hidden in the navigable text.
Art/design: Inky illustrations and rich textures in a fluid and navigable layout.
Usability: Contains portions of The Grisly Fare, The Fleshmonger, and Vorgs by Unit Six. Available in a variety of full-color and print-friendly formats.


Concept: “Ultra low-bar-to-entry skirmish rules for Mörk Borg”
Content: See “Concept”.
Writing: Self-contained procedurally generated Mörk Borg skirmishes, a clever opponent initiative system, and conditions to codify effects.
Art/design: Functional illustrations and clean text organization with the occasional flail for flourish. 
Usability: Guided examples provided to assist in learning the rules. Reference cards and materials are provided.

Settlements of the Damned

Concept: “The settlement generator from Alone in the Crowd”
Four-lines sketches of the Dying Land’s settlements
Provides a descriptive name, summary of character, and geographic feature and location
Consists of a hero image and a nice calligraphic script; very yellow


Concept: “Escape the dungeon of the Shadow King!”
An adventure for the Sölitary Defilement solo-play ruleset; includes scenario setup, encounters, NPCs, special rooms, and rules for backtracking
Well written and easy to read with evocative language that helps build the experience
Designed and laid out for clarity and ease of use, but the colors and chain graphics provide some appropriate character
Requires Sölitary Defilement to play solo, but also makes a pretty good random dungeon generator for standard play as well

Solitary Depths

Concept: “an expansion to Sölitary Defilement, a solo supplement for MÖRK BORG!”
Content: A Mörk Borg tailored oracle, region-specific mechanics, rare monster generation, traps, adjustable difficulty settings, and more...
Writing: Efficient and flexible, both mechanically and thematically. With a gorgeously miserable rare monster generator.
Art/design: Considered design elements with some delightfully grimy (and printer-friendly) surprises.
Usability: A legible, referenceable, and well-structured working document. Requires playing cards or equivalent.

Streets of Decay

“A quick and dirty way to generate encounters based on the city-crawling oracles in 1d10+5's Alöne in the Crowd (exclusive to backers of the Sölitary Defilement Kickstarter)”

Sölitary Defilement

Concept: “An engine of lonesome death”
A sprawling supplement with comprehensive rules and tables for solo play
Straightforward, second-person instruction in the main text; also includes a sample of play
Clean, linear textual layouts and presentations with on-brand typographical choices to delineate structure; illustrations set a lonely, macabre atmosphere; also includes a handy flowchart for daily activities
Calls for the use of other supplements and tools, but in itself, a thorough kit for dying alone & miserable, including multiple useful documents for record-keeping

Sölitary Defilement Oraculorum

“All the oracles you need for Solitary Defilement in one place and optimised for mobile”

SölitASCII Defilement

Concept: “Someone asked for a plaintext version of Sölitary Defilement, so here it is!”
Content: A plaintext supplement of comprehensive rules and tables for solo play.
Writing: Consistent and straightforward narrative resolution. Clear instructions for solo play. With an included sample of play.
Art/design: 128 fixed-width characters with L337 ASCII embellishments.
Usability: References Mörk Borg & Feretory but has suitable instructions for solo play and record keeping without them. 
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