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7 Aboard the Schackel

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Concept: “Lady Anthelia of Kergüs, the Blood Countess, sits upon her marbled throne... Those she will not kill she imprisons aboard the hulk named Her Lady's Schackel”
Content: A sinful floating prison crawl.
Writing: Creative framing which reflects Anthelia’s court intrigue in each tortured soul and accursed deck. 
Art/design: Illustrations that channel the influence of the seven, and their sins.
Usability: Randomization elements enhance replayability. 

Against the Cult of the Blood God

Concept: “In a desolate hamlet somewhere between Galgenbeck and Schleswig, they dragged you into a cellar and cast you into a pit. A miserable bunch, waiting for the gallows to be reared.”
Escape a prison and execution. Or don’t.
Split into discrete sections and bullet points for quick reading and reference
Clean, accessible RBS-style layout and graphic design
Includes instructions on how to play, handouts, and a content warning

Cast Away

Concept: “Souls will grow and wither as the ages pass, joining the sand that welcomes new, desperate Castaways to its shores.” 
Content: Standalone island survival horror. Full of mysteries, afflictions, and terrors both supernatural and mercilessly mundane.
Writing: A gorgeous set of core mechanics to keep your Castaways tired, injured, hungry, and desperate. With a whimsically brooding setting that will leave them feeling haunted and curious.
Art/design: A collection of soft and vibrant illustrations (often recontextualized) with haunting marginalia builds the sense of wonder and suspense matching the setting's tone.
Usability: Pragmatically organized for reference and play. 


Concept: “You play as Scäkla, a scum imprisoned deep underground... 
Progress room by room, as you roll dice and draw the rooms as you go, otherwise how will you know which way you went? Anyway, try not to die. You will most likely die.
Content: A solo prison crawl.
Writing: Playful and interactive text which hooks you into the narrative with a tutorial that builds your character even as you begin your prison break.
Art/design: Characterful marginalia simultaneously enhance and age the text. Producing a draft like quality and encouraging both engagement and participation.
Usability: Designed to be printed and scribbled on. Break out your pen. Make a mess. 

Mörkédex: Bile Yellow

Concept: “You’ll have to forgive me, but I’ve forgotten, what was your name again? I’m Professor Locust, but most people call me the Mörkémon professor.” 
Content: That’s right, it’s that crossover. With d66 Mörkémon, two classes, eight “dungeons” and the city of Caput Mortem.
Writing: A childhood franchise with all the puns and references you’ve come to enjoy, made lovingly miserable.
Art/design: A flexible, consistent, and intuitive design that guides the reader through the world of Mörkémon.
Usability: A second edition of Professor Locust’s Mörkédex. 


Concept: “The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen. She squats atop her silk throne”
Content: The end of an empire. A parasite deposed.
Writing: Many hooks and threads ensnare a micro setting at one instant in time.
Art/design: A tightly wound, regal design befitting a 700-year reign at an end.
Usability: Easy to navigate. Requires some translation at the table to be fully compatible. 

Seven Hells and a Dead Paradise

Concept: “in this book you will find Seven Hells to inflict upon your players, and one Dead Paradise. Tie them all together with a Hellish table-crawl, the Eightfold Crypt of the King Orzog”
Content: Seven hells, a lost paradise, a tormented class, body parts, and a dread king’s crypt.
Writing: The history and cosmos of dead gods conveyed in 13 spreads worth of tables and dungeon.
Art/design: Excellent use of public domain imagery as inspiration for the various locals. Tortured sketches of divine punishment.
Usability: Enough material here to flesh out many settings. With an index to use them piecemeal or whole. 


Concept: “Escape the dungeon of the Shadow King!”
An adventure for the Sölitary Defilement solo-play ruleset; includes scenario setup, encounters, NPCs, special rooms, and rules for backtracking
Well written and easy to read with evocative language that helps build the experience
Designed and laid out for clarity and ease of use, but the colors and chain graphics provide some appropriate character
Requires Sölitary Defilement to play solo, but also makes a pretty good random dungeon generator for standard play as well

The Burning Gash

Concept: “Imprisoned for a crime you most certainly committed, you need to escape. However, in your first hours in the Gash, you meet someone and need to either take them with you or take them out.”
Cannibal prison massacre
Aside from the introductory paragraphs, short descriptions of locations and creatures, tables for times, and adventure hooks
Mostly sticks to an uneven, fractured-looking two-column format with some illustrations and additional trade dress
Nonlinear and presumes creative problem solving

The Hidden Hemlighet Prison

Concept: “Укрытая холодными лапами Кергюса, эта тюрьма - маленький лимб для дворян, откуда лишь два пути, и оба ведут в ледяную могилу.” 
Content: A frozen aristocratic prison resurrection-crawl.
Writing: A notorious prison where nobles pay to live out their death sentences, with corruption revealed behind every door.
Art/design: A gorgeously rendered isometric map and character illustrations paint a clear picture of each encounter.
Usability: Highlighted room illustrations with each encounter for easy reference of details on the map with each encounter. Available in Russian. 

Trapped Within

Concept: “’Descending further into delirious madness, King Fathmu IX is haunted by visions of mockery... (he) imprisons everyone who seems a threat in his underground prison. Terrified traitors, aspiring necromancers, powerful demagogues and even scum like you.’” 
Content: A warped, demented, and bloody prison crawl with two new classes, items, tools, and apocalyptic campaign aids.
Writing: A gonzo trip with some devious twists. Accessible at multiple levels of play, from dungeon crawls to a dramatic campaign.
Art/design: A grimy, yet familiar, adventure layout which deviates from expectations to emphasize its most unusual or dramatic encounters.
Usability: Strongly visual, yet highly structured and easy to navigate in play. 
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