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Corpsewake Cove

Concept: “There is no nest of scurvy rats as foul or felonious as the pirates of Corpsewake Cove!”
A self-contained, sandbox-style swashbuckling adventure from inciting incident to bloody climax
Text-heavy but clean, clear, and effective on all levels; includes lots of description as well as stat blocks, tables, and other mechanical components
Balances out the verbal elements with lots of vivid, nautically themed designs
A fair amount of content and moving parts to manage, but nothing a seasoned and conscientious GM can’t handle

Endless Sea Raider

Concept: “Predator of the Endless Sea”
A piratical player-character class
All the standard features with some inspired class-specific items/companions
Graphics convey the grim bleakness of the Endless Sea with some appropriate splashes of Mörk Borgy color
Nicely blocked out for easy reference

Seven Hells and a Dead Paradise

Concept: “in this book you will find Seven Hells to inflict upon your players, and one Dead Paradise. Tie them all together with a Hellish table-crawl, the Eightfold Crypt of the King Orzog”
Content: Seven hells, a lost paradise, a tormented class, body parts, and a dread king’s crypt.
Writing: The history and cosmos of dead gods conveyed in 13 spreads worth of tables and dungeon.
Art/design: Excellent use of public domain imagery as inspiration for the various locals. Tortured sketches of divine punishment.
Usability: Enough material here to flesh out many settings. With an index to use them piecemeal or whole. 

The Deluge

Concept: “No longer is the sea just an impassive viewer of the Dying World's slow demise; it is coming up to hasten the end.” 
Content: A flood of aquatic content.
Writing: A collection of flotsam and jetsam. Sometimes humorous, often abysmal. 
Art/design: A minimalist layout with woodblock prints alongside modern renditions of fish-folk.
Usability: Fluid but with the occasional bit of detritus. Available in storm-tossed gray or eye-numbing yellow.  

The Ice Pirates of Penn-Tayn

“Will you survive ship-to-ship combat and pirate duels, or the hidden menace beneath the ice?  More importantly, will you receive all the pickled fish you can carry?”

What The Hell Is A Fish Blade

Concept: “A pamphlet with a d10 table of different fishblades. It can be fully seen in the preview images.”
Content: d10 radical interpretations of “FishBlade”.
Writing: Pushes the concept of “FishBlade” overboard.
Art/design: A collection of appropriate public domain prints adrift amidst a loose trifold layout.
Usability: Available as aged parchment or print-friendly black and white. 
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