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Ross Hollander

Acceptable Casualties

Concept: “Who knows why we're fighting anymore?” 
Content: Rules for WWMörk casualties to live by.
Writing: A dry, technical, and familiar gallows humor reminds us war (and bureaucracy) never dies.
Art/design: The unmoving efficiency of bureaucracy meets the soft tissue of the casualties it consumes.
Usability: Plain text organized by the alphanumeric keys of an old technical manual. 

Broken Table

Concept: “Knighthood. What a laughable concept.” 
Content: Fourteen corrupted puppets of chivalry, six dying orders, and a quixotic scvm.
Writing: An encyclopedia of chivalric failures, starting with the individual, moving to the institutional, and ending at the personal. 
Art/design: A gritty and lightly edited cover illustration, with classic prints organized throughout this distressed (and yellowed) tome. 
Usability: Yellow text sections may hinder the reader over textured backgrounds. 


Content: Twenty fiends, mortal and infernal. The conflicts of Demon and Basilisks. And two new classes for suffering scvm.
Writing: Excruciating and gratuitous torment, exquisitely detailed excess. Diametrically opposed forces in conflict. You know, demons.
Art/design: A tastefully restrained selection of torture illustrations, all painted red, adorn this infernal textscape. 
Usability: Available in a, less bloody, print-friendly version.  

Dark and Accurséd

Concept: “‘I adjure you, by the ancient serpent, judge of the living and the dead, by our Master, by the Master of the whole universe, by HE who has the power to consign us all to hell...’” 
Content: An exorcist, and thirteen reasons to abandon that profession.
Writing: Macabre descriptions matched only by menacing mechanics.
Art/design: Plain text ‘til the bitter end.
Usability: Dense but navigable plaintext. 


Concept: “Mankind sucks in their last breath in soot-poisoned lungs... progress does march on, if only as some trick of fate to keep humanity hopeful in the jaws of the apocalypse.” 
Content: An industrialized apocalypse. Full of soot, powder, ordnance cults, and demons.
Writing: A miserable reflection on industrialization, forged by the dying world.
Art/design: Neon yellow illustration muted with gray soot and black text.
Usability: Loosely regulated but within tolerances. 

Malleus Mörkicarum

Concept: “Foul witchcraft abounds in these dying lands.” 
Content: Witches and devils the inquisition warned you about, and the fanatics they didn’t. Curses abound for an unfortunate scvm.
Writing: Some clever wordplay and mechanics liven familiar inquisitorial tropes.
Art/design: Illustrated trappings of diabolism and inquisition sprinkle the text. 
Usability: Interaction of text and background symbols may hinder the reader. 

Man And Beast

Content: A collection of creatures and features that blur the boundary of man and beast.
Writing: Sapient mechanics for visceral beings.
Art/design: Fangs and teeth. Text occasionally unclots into the color of blood.
Usability: Available in print-friendly or lightly blooded. 


Concept: “And the dead need somewhere to go.” 
Content: A valley rife with unlife: dead basilisk barons, corpse culture, and several new starting points for your next journey to the afterlife.
Writing: A morbid meditation of funerary rites and the afterlife. An existential misery.
Art/design: A headstone of chiseled plain text with grave offerings of mangled and restitched illustrations.
Usability: A navigable guidebook to the Valley of Unfortunate Undead. 

Noblesse Tyrannise

Concept: “The corroding nobility hide away from the coming end... quieting the fear in their hearts with extravagant opulence. And who is left to deal with it? 
Content: Seven settings of gross decadence, fifteen self-indulgent monsters, and one seditious serving-scvm.
Writing: A functional mechanization of the worst sort of rumors about nobility.
Art/design: Elegantly stylized and lightly accented text.
Usability: Immaculately organized. 

Shadow of the Past

Concept: “Herein are the ruins they left, epitaphs from potsherd to pillared temple.” 
Content: An archeological exploration of the Dying Lands, with 21 sites, their current inhabitants, and everything valuable not bolted down.
Writing: A survey of iconic locals, with enough historical detail, rumor, and information to plan a failed treasure hunt.
Art/design: Yellowed artifacts splatter a clean single-column layout. 
Usability: Available in plaintext and “night mode” with an off-white background to ease electronic reading. 

The Deluge

Concept: “No longer is the sea just an impassive viewer of the Dying World's slow demise; it is coming up to hasten the end.” 
Content: A flood of aquatic content.
Writing: A collection of flotsam and jetsam. Sometimes humorous, often abysmal. 
Art/design: A minimalist layout with woodblock prints alongside modern renditions of fish-folk.
Usability: Fluid but with the occasional bit of detritus. Available in storm-tossed gray or eye-numbing yellow.  

The Dragon Ships

Concept: “From the barren wastelands to the towers of Grift, all have come to quake at the sight of the Dragon Ships.” 
Content: Melodramatic dragon ship marauders, a raid scenario generator, and a fury-filled class.
Writing: Presented with gonzo enthusiasm and punctuated brutality.
Art/design: Runes, round shields, and longships invade blocks of organized (and occasionally highlighted) plaintext.
Usability: Legible, organized, and accessible.  
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