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A Tomb of Twins

Concept: “A shadow looms over Dreklow.” 
Content: A vial-fueled, twin filled, betrayal of a tomb crawl.
Writing: A tomb complex of factions, puzzles, mystery, and plenty of backstabbing.
Art/design: Dark, fluid, and scoured mixed media entombed in a clean two-column layout.
Usability: Consistency in structure and hierarchy make quick reference. 

Börk Morgue #666

Concept: “An unofficial zine for a Dying World with words and design”
Random tables, optional rules for dice & powers & armor/weapons/combat, pointy teeth, monsters & NPCs … and a Börk Morgue & a Maus Borg
Presented with a personable tone with plenty of wry wit
Art/design: Loaded with Mörk Borg aesthetic elements, color, and some creative layouts
Adds some deeper complexity in some areas (especially complex) and some irreverent variety all around

Dance Macabre

Concept: “The Rat King takes his rightful throne, and he demands you DANCE!”
Content: A rodent sensation. It’s sweeping the nation. Plague!
Writing: Clearly telegraphed rat-catching adventure, complete with moral quandary, and incarnated miasma.
Art/design: A crowded, yet clean, pamphlet adventure containing inviting iconography in distressing contrast with its content.
Usability: Spend an evening dancing the night away, painting the rats red, and setting fires. 


Concept: “They are everywhere. They  are above you, beneath you; runtted minions of the end Itself.”
Rat swarm à la Mörk Borg
A standard stat block with a bit of grimly humorous descriptive text
Expressive typography and an illustration that reinforces the concept without being too graphic
Well laid out for readability


Concept: “… forever hiding in the dark, more rodent than a man.”
A demi-human hireling
Includes some flavor text as well as stats, traits, specialties, and values
Nicely balanced layout with art suggestive of sentiment and violence
Designed as an additional outcast like those described in the core book

Mörk Maus

Concept: “This zine, although it looks super Mörk Borg, is not compatible with that metal game.”
The Mörk Borg lore, atmosphere, and aesthetic adapted as a nuclear disaster setting for the Mausritter RPG
Equal parts entertaining, endearing, and horrifying
Each contributor captures and conveys the look and feel of Mörk Borg but with appropriate, frequently humorous twists
I don’t know Mausritter’s rules, but this makes it look pretty user-friendly

Ratface Sewersneak

Concept: “When it’s a choice between toiling for meager coppers and fighting for scraps with alley cats and shank-wielding orphans, it’s not even a choice. Not really.”
A cosmetic redesign of the gutterborn scum core class
Clearly written and punctuated with humorous ability titles and asides
Has a sneaky ratface just like Karl Druid
Plays like the gutterborn scum but with bigger ears


Concept: “Scurrying beneath the streets of crumbling cities. The Ratstabber’s beady eyes blaze with hatred.”
One of the nastiest rats you’ll find in Mörk Borg
Devoted to stats and Specials
Distinctive collage work with some evocative original art
Infection rules depart somewhat from the standard

Rattus Norvegicus

Concept: “The base of operation for the fearsome plague-bearing Rätfölk”
A 9-room, ratfolk-infested dungeon with hooks, rumors, random encounters, loot, and shit torches
Straightforward and clear with well-placed alliterative flourishes and snark
Primarily typographical but efficient and easily navigable
Linearly organized and includes separate GM and player maps

The Deluge

Concept: “No longer is the sea just an impassive viewer of the Dying World's slow demise; it is coming up to hasten the end.” 
Content: A flood of aquatic content.
Writing: A collection of flotsam and jetsam. Sometimes humorous, often abysmal. 
Art/design: A minimalist layout with woodblock prints alongside modern renditions of fish-folk.
Usability: Fluid but with the occasional bit of detritus. Available in storm-tossed gray or eye-numbing yellow.  

The Fevre Pytt

Concept:The stench. The flies. The touch of clammy flesh. You have been cast into the Fever Pytt to die.”
Content: A corpse pile crawl through a mispurposed cistern in The Western Kingdom.
Writing: A festering pytt of viscera and gore that bursts with sickening mechanics to back it up.
Art/design: Currently only available as plaintext.
Usability: Standardized room description layout aids in reference. 
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