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Michael Stensen Sollien

Rattus Norvegicus

Concept: “The base of operation for the fearsome plague-bearing Rätfölk”
A 9-room, ratfolk-infested dungeon with hooks, rumors, random encounters, loot, and shit torches
Straightforward and clear with well-placed alliterative flourishes and snark
Primarily typographical but efficient and easily navigable
Linearly organized and includes separate GM and player maps

The Fleshworks

Concept: “Nechrubel has […] resurrect[ed] you here as animated skeletons. […] Your only desire is to escape and get some new fleshy digs.”
Content: An imaginative character-creation dungeon
Writing: Visceral descriptions punctuated by blunt wit
Art/design: Color choices differentiate text blocks and maintain readability the graphic ground
Usability: The layout’s logic may not be apparent at first; look to the pentacle, and all will be revealed

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