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A Shadow King's Palace

Concept: “The setting features rumours, beasts, and various locations. Of course, it also includes random tables.”
Yeah, what he said.
Abundant descriptions of locations and things found within the palace
Fairly straightforward, text-first pages with some more elaborate, image-dominated spreads later in the document
“It’s up to the GM to let the PCs escape the palace. It won’t change anything.”

Crypt of the Antropophage

Concept: “Deep beneath the catacombs of Graven-Tosk, behind a blood-stained door, a madman works alone…”
Content: “a blood-soaked dungeon of death and depravity”
Writing: Gory, gonzo, goofy, and peculiarly congruent. With a timer that’s sure to rupture a blood vessel or two.
Art/design: Bloody crimson spot illustrations garnish a spread of vibrant red and white text.
Usability: Blood tokens and the map are recommended but not required.

From Bloody Angels Fell Venemous Truths

“The graves are disturbed
The weeping won’t stop
Delve deep
Delve true
Content: An angel weeping, zombie bleeding tomb crawl.
Writing: Compact mechanics with descriptive fragments to embellish at the table.
Art/design: Simple polished black and yellow dungeon. Text boxes separate locations, encounters, and creatures.
Usability: Easy to reference. Pre-reading enhances understanding.

Grave Matters: Dig Deeper

“This booklet continues what its predecessor began, adding new monsters, foul objects, and a brand new adventure ready to be played.”

Graven-Tosk Gravöl

Concept: “Brewed by twice-dead druug monks in dank Grift chambers. Imbibed only at funerals or heretical sacrificial rituals.”
A Mörk Borg Smoked Stout as black as Nechrubel’s heart.
Writing: Gritty as Gravöl
Art/design: Dark, bold, graven, heretical.
Usability: Stjørdal and Gotlandsdricka malts, foraged juniper, all run through a traditional Kuurna. Available in Cognition's taproom in Ishpeming, MI. Worth a trip.

Graves Left Wanting

Concept: “The PCs find themselves buried alive in the vast, ever-changing cemetery of Graven-Tosk.”
Content: A macabre, nonlinear graveyard crawl
Relentlessly grim with splashes of gallows humor, especially at the end
Monochrome with purple highlights set the atmosphere beautifully
Well-organized into sections that include relevant stat blocks


Concept: “You’ve heard whispers of a collector, deep in the Sarkash forest who pays handsomely for the corpses of men.”
Content: Graverobbery for a mysterious benefactor.
Writing: A simple organic reproduction of a violently transformational movie.
Art/design: Loud compositions, vibrant colors, grunge, and visual interest.
Usability: Memorable, referenceable, legible. 

Lord of Chains

7 contributors
Concept:Rob a grave. Steal a blade. Kill the Lord of Chains.
Content: A Graven-Tosk digging, Sarkash roaming, Bastion storming, Shadow King’s prophecy averting point crawl. 
Writing: Energetic and near melodramatic plot sets the tone for a truly torturous adventure.
Art/design: Loud when it ought to be, quiet when it counts. Metal throughout.
Usability: Self-contained, shadowed, and bound in iron chains. 

Palace of The Shadow King

Concept: “An expanded view of the palace of the shadow king for Mork Borg”
Content: The Shadow King’s Palace as dungeon.
Writing: A curt and well-mannered depictions of the palace and court.
Art/design: Strongly colored public domain illustrations and sharp simple visual elements. All shadowed faintly by transparent text boxes.
Usability: Legible fonts in an easy-to-reference format.

Ruined Reflections

Concept: “Somewhere hidden in the ruins of the Palace of the Shadow King a mirror stands in the center of a chamber... Before it sits the severed head of Baol Rulg”
Content: A mirrored reflection of possible futures. A potential omen. A severed head.
Writing: A descriptive cinematic encounter with unusual furnishings.
Art/design: Focal central illustration. Staggered text elements. Considerate use of yellow and pink. 
Usability: Spacious and legible. 

The God King

Concept: “He called himself ‘The THIRD Basilisk’.”
Content: A legend of one seriously pretentious bastard, and a possible origin story for the Dying World as we know it today.
Writing: A miserable little myth befitting a doomed and dying world.
Art/design: Some uppity reagent overshadowed by his own legend.
Usability: Introduce it to your players. Let them decide how true it is. 

The Lonely Throne

Concept: “It is said that that those who sit upon this ‘Lonely Throne’ […] can attract the attention of something buried deep under Graven-Tosk that can grant them treasures and forbidden knowledge… for a price.”
12 random encounters, 3 otherworldly entities, 21 rewards, 8 consequences, and more adventure possibilities than I feel like calculating
A clever concept well executed with lots of descriptive flair
Organized for usability with illustrations and other graphic elements that contribute atmosphere
Linear, dual-column layout makes the document easy to read and navigate

The Vermilion Throne

Concept: “Venture into the depths, recover the heart of the True King, and bring an end to the Shadow King's reign. Or fail, and bleed, and die.”
Content: A pulse pumping, blood-drenched, flesh crawl.
Writing: As consistent and efficient as the beating heart, without feeling too clinical.
Art/design: Accessible and fluid design which doesn’t clot alongside thematic illustrations which do.
Usability: A considered and effective table reference. 

Wayward Corpses

“Shall you find your way out of this twisted, endless place? Or shall you become yet another wayward corpse, doomed to roam here until the Seventh Misery releases you from an undying purgatory?”
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