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Michael Nagenborg

A Shadow King's Palace

Concept: “The setting features rumours, beasts, and various locations. Of course, it also includes random tables.”
Yeah, what he said.
Abundant descriptions of locations and things found within the palace
Fairly straightforward, text-first pages with some more elaborate, image-dominated spreads later in the document
“It’s up to the GM to let the PCs escape the palace. It won’t change anything.”

Mörk Borg/OSR Mega-Dungeon

11 contributors
Concept: “While the level themes may not be united, we are united in our end goal: to generate financial support for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
Content: A Monstrous Mörk Borg Megadungeon – For Suicide Prevention.
Writing: A miserable menagerie of authors and styles.
Art/design: Surreal amalgamations of subject and design.
Usability: Each level is distinct. Your utility may vary. 

The Faceless Fiend

Concept: “Thur Fulgus enjoys living at a distance from the village. He has carried out heretic rituals in his basement for years...”
Content: A mind-exploding village invasion.
Writing: A horrifying concept with hilariously B-Movie execution.
Art/design: Clean and almost unsettlingly cheery two-column layout.
Usability: Invisible enough to sneak in just about anywhere. 

The Temple of the Scattered God

Concept: “The god has fallen from the sky. Its giant body scattered. Some parts have been recovered and saved by the Kultists. Meet his brain, one eye, one foot, one hand and maybe more body parts in the underground temple!”
Content: A god crawl divided into parts.
Writing: Adaptive and dynamic encounter design make for more dynamic combat encounters.
Art/design: Disturbingly detailed map by Brian Yaksha, clear use of color to indicate rooms and features of interest, mini-map navigation, and stats incorporated into room description text.
Usability: OSR style abbreviations require some minor translations for Mörk Borg. 
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