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Kajetan Wójcik

Fiend's Lost Scrolls

Concept: “THE FIEND, fiddled with our fragile reality using his powerful magic. What he discovered was written unto scrolls, yet hidden away, only for HIM to use.”
Content: Sacred and unclean scrolls meant for THE FIEND’s eyes only.
Writing: Darkly utilitarian powers, some familiar to other worlds, others unique to this one.
Art/design: Fiendish and characterful sketches engage as devilish list arrangements bemuse.
Usability: Think of the list obfuscation as an additional randomization element. 

Infernal Knave

“A You were cleansed by fire, that now live inside you.
You are the unholy torch.
The world will be consumed by your flame.”
Content: A flame-obsessed, thoroughly-possessed scvm.
Writing: A potent and utilitarian array of infernal blessings make for a surprisingly flexible class.
Art/design: Mörk Borg Cult classic two-column layout. No class image.
Usability: Stylized headings establish hierarchy and contrast clean legible body text.

Mörk Borg/OSR Mega-Dungeon

11 contributors
Concept: “While the level themes may not be united, we are united in our end goal: to generate financial support for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
Content: A Monstrous Mörk Borg Megadungeon – For Suicide Prevention.
Writing: A miserable menagerie of authors and styles.
Art/design: Surreal amalgamations of subject and design.
Usability: Each level is distinct. Your utility may vary. 

The Lost Theater

Concept: “it looks like you have the main role in the new play… It will be a gruesome story tonight… The third bell has already rung, take your seat and enjoy the show…”
Content: A theater dungeon in three acts.
Writing: The skeleton of a script to allows for easy improvisation anchored in concise descriptions of actors and events.
Art/design: Detailed Illustrated maps set the stage. Text blocks and bulleted room encounters set the scene.
Usability: Printer Friendly. 
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