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Convoke What Doom Ye Angels Hath Wrought!

Concept: “A wild ride through desolation and back again.”
Content: Hellish machinations and their pilots, Angels of Sin and sigils carved in flesh, adventures in “the broken earth”.
Writing: Apocalyptic in both scope and tone. Sweeping. Violent. Occasionally biblical.
Art/design: A frenetic collage style recontextualizes public domain imagery into a tortured reality. Rules organized in a distressed newspaper layout.
Usability: Stylized language may require the occasional divine inspiration.

Darkest Rock

Concept: “A brutal delve into... Vile Geyser, a living cave that they can, if they work hard enough, befriend as a massive walking Caver familiar.”
Content: An adventure, spells, equipment, monsters, and class features designed for literal giant cave monster campaigns.
Writing: An eclectic weird fantasy style drizzled in gratuitously gelatinous glaze.
Art/design: Heavyweight line illustrations and maps accent a flexible traditional layout.
Usability: Can be supplemented with the system-neutral Caver and Cube rules. 

Dungeoneer's Black Book

Concept: “Welcome to the Dungeoneer's Black Book, a collection of boggy holes and haunted cellars. No evening shall pass without the gruesome, ultimately inevitable death of a beloved character.”
Content: 16 dungeons in a disturbing array of contents and formats
Writing: A variety of adventures await you with their own unique styles. The only guarantee is misery.
Art/design: A engrossing (sometimes gross) exploration of dungeon layout and illustration.
Usability: With a variety of design formats, make sure to read your selected dungeon before the session.

Enter the DOME-icile

Concept: “Beneath a slab of stone embedded in the rock, The Giant’s skull is found… gray matter rife with malice is the perfect catalyst for progressing the cursed calendar.”
Content: A dungeon in a skull, with an evil wizard.
Writing: Surprisingly amicable for an Arch Wizard, providing advice for apprentices on how to generate new cursed magic items to punish thieving scvm. 
Art/design: Striking visual depictions of the Dome-icile, with chaotic design elements consistent with the Arch Wizard’s Goblin Workforce.
Usability: This dungeon is approachable—through the nose or eyes. The text is navigable—and color coordinated.

Glimpses of a Dying World

Concept: “Savage creatures lurk in the depths of forgotten crypts, incomprehensible relics lie waiting in the shadows of crumbling tombs, mystics argue incessantly trying to find a escape to the impending doom, and the powerful occupy themselves with vengeance.”
A sprawling offering of all things Mörk Borg
Captures the tone and atmosphere of the Dying World through the descriptive text as well as the character of the mechanics
Adapts the aesthetics and tactics of the core book with extensive use of modified public domain art
There’s something here for everyone

Helm of Awe

Concept: “Enter as three and be free”
Content: A Norse myth puzzle crawl.
Writing: Encounters that heavily reference mythological events and figures.
Art/design: A map and protective ward.
Usability: More likely to confound the enemies of the Æsir.

Holy Artifacts of the Sacred Tragedies

Concept: “The powers and locations of artifacts made from the remains of the Sacred Tragedies... that gives insight into the Order of Her Devoted Midwives sect”
Content: Three single-sheet pamphlet adventures, and one on a new sect of the One Trve Faith.
Writing: A plausibly disturbing take on Basilisk worship which ties the adventures together into a larger optional campaign.
Art/design: A consistent palette makes for a cohesive collection, while exploration of contrast differentiates each pamphlet.
Usability: Well designed for use as a physical prop at the table. Get them in print if you can. 

In The Belly of the Beast

Concept: “Short weird adventure for Mork Borg, where the characters are swallowed by a giant sea serpent and have to find their way out.”
Content: A serpent-shaped, acid-rich, nautical funhouse.
Writing: A segmented, event-driven skeleton draped in bile and blood.
Art/design: A fantastical cross-sectioned serpent dominates a white-capped sea of black pixels.
Usability: A traditional white-on-black text layout fits on one page for easy reference. 


Concept: “‘Likho-one-eyed’ appears in the form of a one-eyed skinny ogress.”
A beefy combat monster that feeds on negative emotions or flesh—whichever’s handy
A concise stat block and a full description of behavior, including non-mechanical features and effects
Graphic and stats presented on a single page with additional lore and information on subsequent pages
GMs will need to implement mechanics for special abilities as they see fit; blackletter text may slow reading a bit


Concept: “Ethereal giants who stalk their prey in the dark alleys of Galgenbeck.”
A sneaky, life-draining monster
Delivers somewhat complex mechanics in a straightforward way
Illustration’s cooler colors establish a haunting mood and contrast with the sharp yellow text
Cumulative damage dice will require minimal bookkeeping


Concept: “A collection of the MOST DISGUSTING and terribly vile MONSTERS!” 
Content: Twenty of them, to be a little more specific.
Writing: Horrendously hilarious creations from tormented traditions. Malformed for the morbidly curious.
Art/design: Sharp points and serrated edges brutalize the darkly patterned forms of this miserable tome, contrasted occasionally by excruciatingly clinical white.
Usability: Richly stylized only where they know you’ll work for it. Legible everywhere it counts. 

Morkkabeans 1.1

9 contributors
Concept: “A new religion has arisen in the desert. Worshiping the Unnamable God of Names, blaspheming against SHE and HE, promising the revolt. Galgenbeck has sent its inquisitors.  The half-giant Nephilim walk the earth. If you join them, almost certain death awaits.”
Content: An escalating tower crawl of nameless gods and religious conflict. Complete with three new classes, gear, artifacts, angels, Nephilim, and mythical creatures. 
Writing: An absolutely metal reinterpretation of Jewish history and folklore.
Art/design: A spectacle of artistic styles as varied as the tower of tongues.
Usability: Visual styles delineate sections. VTT resources available. 


Concept: “Their husks litter the landscape, mountainous swirling shells that are all that remain of the titan snails. Now they serve as a refuge for the stray, the weary, and the weird - and as a lure for fools such as you”
Content: A massive slimy spiral snüngeon.
Writing: Captures the humble majesty of an extinct apex predator. 
Art/design: A comforting white and blue layout makes you want to slow down, grow some stalks, and savor the transformation.
Usability: Explore a snüngeon, make your own snüngeon, there are many titan snail shells left to explore. 

The Benevolent Ignoramus

Concept: “A titan decided to steal a powerful artifact to try and save the Dying World. Sadly for the Dying World this titan was not particularly bright or agile.”
An ironic take on the mythic fire-bearing savior archetype; also includes stats for ancillary antagonists
Well written and filled to the brim with dry wit
Intended for easy reading with color to add visual emphasis and focus
Designed for a longer-running plot arc rather than a one-shot encounter

The Bridges of Múr and the Endless Sea Reference Cards

Concept: “an optional supplement to The Bridges of Múr and the Endless Sea Campaign book.
Content: 128 tarot sized campaign reference cards. Giant monster minigame rules.
Writing: Full of engaging extras including quotes and humorous traits or uses.
Art/design: High contrast illustration focus a stylish and clear card layout.
Usability: Consistent layout aids in easy reference. Print and play construction instructions included. 
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