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M. Allen Hall


Concept: “Welcome to Beinfjäll, a dungeon set into a mountain in Bergen Chrypt. Let us take a wander through its halls and discover its secrets.” 
Content: A room a day Mörktober 2023 dungeon.
Writing: Decisive bulleted room descriptions establish clear ecology, encounter context, and pace.
Art/design: A dreary isometric map of giant vampire bones and horrible little surprises.
Usability: A Twitter thread mini-map (for now

Tame Your Demons

Concept: “‘Come! Come! Sit with me. Let us bask in the glorious light of the Prescient Flame. Gaze into its depths. The Flame sees all. What do you see?’ 
—Seskel the Flamekeeper” 
Content: A tallow-melting, candle-burning, demon-facing altar crawl.
Writing: An atmospheric and sensory experience suitable to horror and suspense.
Art/design: A single-column adventure with simple spot illustrations and a clear top-down dungeon map.
Usability: Organized and system neutral, with stats for Mörk Borg and 5e D&D. 

The Three Towers of Flägash the Undying

Concept: “A cult has taken up residence in a group of towers on the outskirts of the city of Grift.”
Content: A cult-fueled tower-crawl. With thrills, spills, and gravity-defying wills.
Writing: A responsive and versatile adventure style. With mechanics that reinforce a narrative of subtle and contagious cult reprogramming.
Art/design: A dreary affair, punctuated by the occasional otherworldly shadow or psychedelic highlight. 
Usability: Uneven two-column layout and mini-maps aid in table reference. Additional tools provided to assist in bookkeeping for the central adventure mechanic. 

The Tomb of Galien

Concept: “Venture into the tomb of the powerful warlock Galien in search of riches and arcane knowledge.”
Content: A warlock's tomb with a very “protective” familiar.
Writing: Puzzle design that anticipates flexibility and player agency when possible. Encounter design that incorporates complicating elements if the conflict drags out. 
Art/design: Subtle use of images to enhance the navigability and reference of the text. Strong back cover illustration of Gnash. 
Usability: Short, sweet, and referenceable adventure. 
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