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Descended like a dove...

Concept: “A puzzle ridden adventure with a very different enemy waiting at the end”
A four-room dungeon with an ironic take on Christian iconography
Clearly describes the surreal dynamics of the dungeon and puzzle solutions
Typographical choices make the dungeon easy to read and reference; illustrations and other design elements contribute to the overall atmosphere
For expediency, GMs should review thoroughly before playing

Helm of Awe

Concept: “Enter as three and be free”
Content: A Norse myth puzzle crawl.
Writing: Encounters that heavily reference mythological events and figures.
Art/design: A map and protective ward.
Usability: More likely to confound the enemies of the Æsir.

How Dost Though Like Them Eggs?

Concept: “The room is indeed empty but it is diabolically trapped.”
A room featuring d4 traps and d6 trigger sounds
A descriptive passage with mechanical exposition of the situation and individual traps (with clever names)
Color and visual elements delineate each section for easy reference
Caution: contains disturbingly naked imps

Queen Hate

Concept: “The Queen was betrayed... Hate kept her alive, warping her body and her prison... those who lost everything bow before her.”
Content: A nauseating, poison shrouded temple to bile and frothing rage.
Writing: Consistent theme and tone throughout. Filled to bursting with literal and symbolic bile.
Art/design: Consistent design cues in a clean practical design. Plus, a disturbingly grainy image of Queen Hate herself.
Usability: Clean map, clear sensory references for crucial elements. Encounters do hop from room to room. Some DM review prior to the session is advisable. 

Take then thy bond

Concept: “The voice inside your head commands you: Travel to the wastelands and find the wretched peak. Scour its halls. Bring me its heart, the rest of the treasure is yours.”
A putrid pyramid crawl full of heart—and other organs.
Encounters are lively and responsive, often in unexpected ways. Pregnant with activity.
Bold cover art of the titular encounter. Table of contents and mini-map layout aid in navigating this moderately sized adventure.
Encounter descriptions diminish accidental revelations. Surprises reach player and GM simultaneously. 

The Road of Light

Concept: “The road of light has chosen. You have no choice but to follow.”
A linear sequence of puzzles with two new optional classes
Vivid descriptions of locations with clearly delineated key reference points for GMs
Organized and designed for easy use; plentiful and consistently excellent illustrations throughout
PCs will permanently change class at least once; the first part of an ongoing adventure

The Tomb of Galien

Concept: “Venture into the tomb of the powerful warlock Galien in search of riches and arcane knowledge.”
Content: A warlock's tomb with a very “protective” familiar.
Writing: Puzzle design that anticipates flexibility and player agency when possible. Encounter design that incorporates complicating elements if the conflict drags out. 
Art/design: Subtle use of images to enhance the navigability and reference of the text. Strong back cover illustration of Gnash. 
Usability: Short, sweet, and referenceable adventure. 
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