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Absolved Heretic

Concept: “Finally, the arch-priestess absolved your sins and your broken body was cast in the streets.”
A traumatized sinner adrift in the Dying World
Interweaves flavor with mechanics and features
A cool layout that orients content around the inverted cross
Class features aren’t linearly presented, but doesn’t hinder reading or use

Altars of Cursed Prince Olof

“Three altars were erected in dark places. Find them and make a blood offering to please Olof the undying prince.”

Beckoned by the God-Eating Darkness

“This place and its secrets were forgotten but now that the end is near, the God-Eating Darkness is ready to be unleashed.”

Could This Be Dog?

“Visions of dog therefore no dog ahead
Ahh dog, let there be dog
Dog, O dog but still no dog”
Content: An adventure with both more and less dog than expected.
Writing: Solid straight-faced delivery of a laughable case of mistaken temple identity. 
Art/design: A vaguely canine dungeon map, with clean navigable two column format, and a turtle-ish flourish.
Usability: Make sure to play up the visual elements to drive home the absurdity of the situation. Decide on the identity of earthbound that best suits your table. Many map design options.

Curse of the Rotting Sun

“They say Father Sun left this world years ago, but that is untrue. He descended from the sky and plunged into the earth. Somewhere in Wästland Sun is alive and slowly rotting away.”

Degenerate's Crypt

Concept: “At the end of the dark corridor something is groaning in pain, four metallic voices wailing in unison. Not a tomb but a prison, as too often is in these wretched times.”
Content: A degenerate crypt of eternal torment.
Writing: A dungeon as sharp and fluid as liquid metal.
Art/design: Map illustration in styles ranging from the pragmatic to the purely aesthetic. No nonsense dungeon description that’s both aesthetic and legible.
Usability: Consistent and navigable visual hierarchy for easy reference. 

Heretical Fractal Bog

“A half-frozen bog of muddy black waters, razor-sharp vegetation, and mesmerizing optical illusions”

It Came from the West

Concept: “Fulfill the 4:3 Misery by interpreting dice rolled over the world map.”
Delivers on its promise and incorporates the dice’s spatial positions in addition to their numerical results
Contains some excellent, atmospheric descriptions and some really clever mechanics for interpreting the rolls that include some ingenious metagame actions and consequences
A more traditional visual style and layout but still very on-brand and aligned with the content
Must be printed unless you want to roll dice on your screen; in the latter case, I recommend heavy, sharp, pointy metal ones

Queen Hate

Concept: “The Queen was betrayed... Hate kept her alive, warping her body and her prison... those who lost everything bow before her.”
Content: A nauseating, poison shrouded temple to bile and frothing rage.
Writing: Consistent theme and tone throughout. Filled to bursting with literal and symbolic bile.
Art/design: Consistent design cues in a clean practical design. Plus, a disturbingly grainy image of Queen Hate herself.
Usability: Clean map, clear sensory references for crucial elements. Encounters do hop from room to room. Some DM review prior to the session is advisable. 


Concept: “The southern empire of Südglans sank into the sea, but that was not the final chapter for its capital.”
An aquatic point crawl across a disturbingly inhabited sunken city.
Stylistic, clear, and evocative. Provides a strong framework for running each location.
Art/design: Distressed black and white. Strong and consistent hierarchy. Two column structure.
Usability: Easily Printable. Consistent cues for sensory descriptions, mechanics and stats.

Venus Red

“The Mothershrooms are pale white fungi that grow in dark places. When picked up they bleed an intoxicating red substance used by the Sarkash druids to reach the metaphysical island of Venus Red. Here they learned how to uncover forgotten dark secrets, but initiates must find the path on their own risking their life.”

Whispers in The Darkness

Concept: “a collection of four dark MÖRK BORG adventures that will take you through a weird lovecraftian trip.”
Content: A transformative four-adventure experience.
Writing: A slightly detached and understated style that slowly ratchets up the tension to a horrifying conclusion.
 Art/design: Gorgeously detailed maps in a clear and structured black-and-white design.
Usability: Consistent textual cues and a clean layout are ideal for use at the table.

Word Dungeons

Concept: “Letters appeared in black ashes / Swarming to spell words / Twisting to form shapes / Crawling to draw a map / They showed us the way”
A set of 6 purely textual dungeons
Efficiently supplies imagery and details of each room
Arranges the text as a map of the dungeon, using color, typefaces, and other characteristics to differentiate and characterize rooms
Requires reference to core rulebook for monster stat blocks


“A Mörk Borg adventure inspired by Bloodborne”
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