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Ashes of Käsedorf

Concept: “You crawl from the ruins of Käsedorf with a grudge... Go now, while you still have the strength to make a difference.” 
Content: A beast hunting, rubble looting, post-battle ruin crawl.
Writing: A classic silver-chasing hexcrawl with a surprising level of motivation and intrigue.
Art/design: Vibrantly recolored and overlaid prints produce an impressionistic collage.
Usability: Organized into rough narrative sections to aid in reference during play. 

Auld Clootie’s Bairn

Concept: “What has happened to suddenly change the behavior of little Angelica…and how can the Mercer family fit in to their new community?”
A surreally mundane adventure with a troubled tot
Provides lots of detail and dialogue as well as suggestions for alternative plots and a metric ton of nasty insults
Primarily designed around navigating events and conversations delivered via text
Ready to use out-of-the-box but can also be tinkered with and adapted to GM taste and need


Concept: “The shopkeep isn't happy, and it's thanks to these damn bandits.” 
Content: It’s not about the bandits... You’re in for a long night. Stay hydrated.
Writing: I mean, bandits are involved, but it’s a parasitic sort of relationship to the text.
Art/design: Inky black horror, in an effective simulacrum of a starter adventure.
Usability: Layout will be familiar and effective for readers of official adventures. 

Hammer Goats

Concept: Goat people who love hammers and their offspring.
Content: see Hammer, Goat. see also Chaos, Spawn. 
Writing: A combat class that’s hammered home by versatile chaos gifts, and an entirely too gifted divine spawn.
Art/design: A frolicking herd of hammer goats cross a yellow field followed by a dreadful depiction of a goatling god. Subtle and instructive use of typographic elements.
Usability: High contrast, legible text. 

Helm of Awe

Concept: “Enter as three and be free”
Content: A Norse myth puzzle crawl.
Writing: Encounters that heavily reference mythological events and figures.
Art/design: A map and protective ward.
Usability: More likely to confound the enemies of the Æsir.

Indomitable Mountaineer

Concept: “Fearless and brash, the indomitable mountaineer can be found scaling cliffs, summiting peaks, and flaunting their mastery of nature across the dying world.
Content: A fvcking hiker.
Writing: A steep incline or two, but more of a pleasant scramble than an uphill struggle.
Art/design: Weighty visuals balanced by precipitous text. The art has a sense of casually exaggerated danger that feels appropriate. 
Usability: A staunch support scvm. 


Concept: “A collection of the MOST DISGUSTING and terribly vile MONSTERS!” 
Content: Twenty of them, to be a little more specific.
Writing: Horrendously hilarious creations from tormented traditions. Malformed for the morbidly curious.
Art/design: Sharp points and serrated edges brutalize the darkly patterned forms of this miserable tome, contrasted occasionally by excruciatingly clinical white.
Usability: Richly stylized only where they know you’ll work for it. Legible everywhere it counts. 

Siege Goat-Demon

Concept: “Unspeakable is the malice that brought the siege goat-demon to life. Stranger still is the purpose of strapping a siege ballista to its forearm.”
An adaptation of DOOM’s Cyberdemon
Predominantly deals with elaborating on attacks and Special
Linear, easy-to-use layout with splashes of red to unify the image and text
Particularly lethal if you put it at the end of a narrow hallway beside a stack of ammunition

The Grapes of Psych

Concept: “Ravel, the exuberant goat ogre necromancer… has been kidnapping local villagers. Track him to the vineyard which he has made into his depraved and psychedelic lair.”
Content: An ogre powered, wine fueled, zombie infested, psychedelic crossword puzzle dungeon.
Writing: Manages to build a disturbingly coherent theme from a crossword puzzle selection, all while making a Goat Ogre into something truly menacing.
Art/design: Map inspired by a crossword puzzle. Well-chosen Goat Ogre art.
Usability: Visit the vineyard, drink the wine, deathmatch a Goat Ogre.

The Pope Lick Monster

Concept: “Trolls in MÖRK BORG are too big to live under bridges, opening a perfect habitat for the Pope Lick Monster.”
A unfortunate half-human half-goat
Includes a simple stat block and some backstory for the beast
Use of color helps differentiate key bits of information from surrounding text
The lore introduces some interesting options for GMs and players

The Western Wall

Concept: “A tale also known as The Quest for Yig or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept Dying”
Content: A fvcking mountain crawl.
Writing: A mountain adventure that is easy to read, but hard to climb.
Art/design: Austere as a view from the summit. Does exactly what’s needed to convey both subject and tone.
Usability: Hope you brought climbing equipment. Dying on the way there is half the fun. 

There Is One Goat

Concept: “This one-page MÖRK BORG creature is an attempt to exorcise the demon goat from my mind. Now it’s your problem.”
A goat best avoided—but where’s the fun in that?
Establishes a strange, surreal tone to match the image
When you gaze too long into the goat, the goat gazes also into you
Simple and easy to use. It’s just a goat, after all…


R. M.
Concept: “Weregoats gather in black woods and haunted wildernesses where they build crude idols to their petty gods.”
Hideous man-goat amalgamations to haunt your games and dreams
Includes an overview of the monster with some short tables for armor, weapons, and numbers
Art/design: A handful of typefaces and one manky-looking goat
Generating gear takes a bit longer than fielding standard monsters, but not by much 
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