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David Jackson

D4 Monkeys in a Trench-coat

Concept: “Replace your dead character with monkeys!”
Content: d4 monkeys + trenchcoat = Scvm
Writing: Undeniably simian in its humor.
Art/design: Neon colors. Black & Yellow. A little grit. Monkeys with hats and cocktails.
Usability: Simian abilities monkey around with a conventional stat-line.

The Grapes of Psych

Concept: “Ravel, the exuberant goat ogre necromancer… has been kidnapping local villagers. Track him to the vineyard which he has made into his depraved and psychedelic lair.”
Content: An ogre powered, wine fueled, zombie infested, psychedelic crossword puzzle dungeon.
Writing: Manages to build a disturbingly coherent theme from a crossword puzzle selection, all while making a Goat Ogre into something truly menacing.
Art/design: Map inspired by a crossword puzzle. Well-chosen Goat Ogre art.
Usability: Visit the vineyard, drink the wine, deathmatch a Goat Ogre.
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