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D4 Monkeys in a Trench-coat

Concept: “Replace your dead character with monkeys!”
Content: d4 monkeys + trenchcoat = Scvm
Writing: Undeniably simian in its humor.
Art/design: Neon colors. Black & Yellow. A little grit. Monkeys with hats and cocktails.
Usability: Simian abilities monkey around with a conventional stat-line.

Monkey Murder Manor

“The characters venture into the depths of the venerable Manor, attempt to steal treasure, uncover its dark secrets, and kill a lot of monkeys along the way.”

Red Fur Cadaver

Concept: “Just in case you ever fantasized of fighting an orangutan with a razor blade - well here you go.”
A monster straight out of the Rue Morgue
Minimal and purely mechanics-oriented
Messy, but in the good—splattery, energetic—way
Armor stat is cleverly placed but may be difficult to see depending on medium

The Vale of Stinking Fur

Concept: “An ape-infested jungle crawl”
Map and mechanics with random events, monsters, locations, and loot
Some nice, subtle touches in the exposition
Aids navigation and reinforces theme
Some tables reference others, but that’s the extent of the complexity

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