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The Shape of He to Come

Concept: “Venture into the swamps of Wästland to get to the bottom of the recent disappearances of foresters and peat cutters.”
A morally ambiguous, jungle-themed hexcrawl
Primarily instructional with a random encounter table and some stat blocks
Map-based with a floral background that sets the atmosphere
Discrete sections are easy to navigate

The Vale of Stinking Fur

Concept: “An ape-infested jungle crawl”
Map and mechanics with random events, monsters, locations, and loot
Some nice, subtle touches in the exposition
Aids navigation and reinforces theme
Some tables reference others, but that’s the extent of the complexity

Ziggurat of the Blood God

Concept: “Deep in the jungle, far from civilized lands, lies an ancient temple dedicated to a long forgotten god.” 
Content: A “4th level adventure” of alien gods, blood sacrifice, and ziggurats.
Writing: A heavy science fantasy/weird fiction setting with loose references to elements of Preclassic/Classic Mesoamerican civilization. 
Art/design: Dark and forbidding page illustrations of strange aliens and ancient machinery highlight an effective single-column layout.
Usability: Organized for reference over multiple sessions. Occasional generalized OSR rules reference. 
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