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Asher Winnie

Dance Macabre

Concept: “The Rat King takes his rightful throne, and he demands you DANCE!”
Content: A rodent sensation. It’s sweeping the nation. Plague!
Writing: Clearly telegraphed rat-catching adventure, complete with moral quandary, and incarnated miasma.
Art/design: A crowded, yet clean, pamphlet adventure containing inviting iconography in distressing contrast with its content.
Usability: Spend an evening dancing the night away, painting the rats red, and setting fires. 

Indiscriminate Igniter

Concept: “push your luck to get what you want, all at the cost of setting yourself on fire.” 
Content: A spontaneously combustible Scvm.
Writing: Inflammatory, in a literal way. Say no to omens. Say yes to fire. Burn entire regions.
Art/design: Scorched red and black illustration complements a clean structured class layout. Inky black optional rules section portents the fresh miseries that await the dying world.
Usability: Designed for games with the optional omen mechanic but would work fine without them. 

The Inheritor

Concept: “No heroes walk this world. And it’s your fault.”
The causes and consequences of a derelict squire
Concise mechanics and 3 background tables
Effective use of color and typography, and an expressive illustration
Not the kind of inheritance left to you by Aunt Mildred (unless she was a Mörk Borg enthusiast)

The Vale of Stinking Fur

Concept: “An ape-infested jungle crawl”
Map and mechanics with random events, monsters, locations, and loot
Some nice, subtle touches in the exposition
Aids navigation and reinforces theme
Some tables reference others, but that’s the extent of the complexity

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