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Concept: “The shopkeep isn't happy, and it's thanks to these damn bandits.” 
Content: It’s not about the bandits... You’re in for a long night. Stay hydrated.
Writing: I mean, bandits are involved, but it’s a parasitic sort of relationship to the text.
Art/design: Inky black horror, in an effective simulacrum of a starter adventure.
Usability: Layout will be familiar and effective for readers of official adventures. 

Freakish Lifter

Concept: “There was a moment when you first recognized it, the glory of righteous strain. Yet there are greater heights.” 
Content: A scvm who does not skip leg day.
Writing: Too eloquent for this illiterate class to read.
Art/design: A brawny composition with lots of slick little details.
Usability: Available as a print-friendly version, for multiple reps. 

Mörk Borg Core Item Icons

Concept: “Running my own game of Mörk Borg in a VTT prompted me to draw my own icons for items. Thought others might find these useful!”  
Content: Icons for core items and Occult Herbmaster Decoctions.
Writing: Files named. Price tags optionally included.
Art/Design: A gritty and consistent black-and-white visual style.
Usability: Png format images in a zip file. 

Vile Jackalope

Concept: “‘Whether or not you had once been a human, it’s unknown. What you are, however, is certainly something of disdain and suspicion.’” 
Content: A long-eared, horned, fey creation of SHE.
Writing: Familiar folklore and references, twisted to the whims of SHE.
Art/design: A rich textured jackalope illustration with collage elements. A strong overall composition.
Usability: Available in print-friendly or glamoured. 
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