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VTT assets

Clamdash! VTT map

A VTT map for the Clamdash! dungeon

Graves Left Wanting VTT maps

VTT maps for the Graves Left Wanting adventure

Misery Counter and d66

“An asset pack for online gaming on virtual tabletop simulators.”

Murkwürst is burning

Concept: “Harsh and bleak, the mining village of Murkwürst is located in a valley of the Wästland... the unfortunate villagers barely survive, barricaded in their unburned house[s].”
Content: A burning village vtt hexcrawl.
Writing: A series of events tables, npcs, and location descriptions to drive the action.
Art/design: Engaging maps and gritty illustrations.
Usability: Integrated with FoundryVTT, references Alles Wird Brennen & Gregor’s Folly. 

Mörk Borg Core Item Icons

Concept: “Running my own game of Mörk Borg in a VTT prompted me to draw my own icons for items. Thought others might find these useful!”  
Content: Icons for core items and Occult Herbmaster Decoctions.
Writing: Files named. Price tags optionally included.
Art/Design: A gritty and consistent black-and-white visual style.
Usability: Png format images in a zip file. 

Omen Cards

Concept: “Printable omen counter cards for Mörk Borg.”
Content: Omen cards.
Writing: Compatible with Mörk Borg.  
Art/design: Third-eye horned-skull image screams omen—and clearly whitens its teeth. 
Usability: DIY cards are available in red, yellow, and grey. Also available as VTT tokens. 

VTT Map for Rotblack Sludge

A map of the Accursed Den for use in virtual games
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