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All-seeing Spike Witch

Concept: “beautiful woman but her head is a hideously huge swollen staring eye, wearing only a spiked armor”
Content: "More than anything, it wants to: Mate, birthing a wondrous new horror.
Writing: The Monster Approacheth meets “hold my beer”
Art/design: Unfunctional fashion. Functional design.
Usability: Scarily effective. 

Misery Counter and d66

“An asset pack for online gaming on virtual tabletop simulators.”

Mörk Borg NPC Cards

Concept: “Printable cards to quick-save your randomly generated NPC-s.”
Content: More kindling for 7:7.
Writing: Space for names, qualities, and motivation. A notes section for everything else.
Art/design: Spacious, Clean, and with guiding lines for your scissors. 
Usability: Available in printer-friendly and yellow. 

Omen Cards

Concept: “Printable omen counter cards for Mörk Borg.”
Content: Omen cards.
Writing: Compatible with Mörk Borg.  
Art/design: Third-eye horned-skull image screams omen—and clearly whitens its teeth. 
Usability: DIY cards are available in red, yellow, and grey. Also available as VTT tokens. 

Punishment Fist Dog of the Rotten Gods

Concept: “More than anything, it wants to: Devour every living thing it seizes.”
A homicide hound with a fist for a face
Standard stat block with quick physical and behavioral descriptions
Text at the top with a pretty Mörky dog at the bottom
It's unclear who's being punished here. Probably everyone.

Zweihänders of the Seven Fallen Angels

Concept: “The Seven Guardian Angels have fallen from the sky, leaving nothing behind but the celestial steel blades strewn around the Dying World.”
7 swords and a loose hook tying them together
Short descriptions of mechanical effects
Minimalist illustrations of each sword with some blackletter and textured ground for visual variety
Weapons are usable out of the box; pursuing the hook will require more effort
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