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All-seeing Spike Witch

Concept: “beautiful woman but her head is a hideously huge swollen staring eye, wearing only a spiked armor”
Content: "More than anything, it wants to: Mate, birthing a wondrous new horror.
Writing: The Monster Approacheth meets “hold my beer”
Art/design: Unfunctional fashion. Functional design.
Usability: Scarily effective. 

Helm of Awe

Concept: “Enter as three and be free”
Content: A Norse myth puzzle crawl.
Writing: Encounters that heavily reference mythological events and figures.
Art/design: A map and protective ward.
Usability: More likely to confound the enemies of the Æsir.


Concept: “23 new eyeballs. You know, in case you lose one and need a replacement.”
Ocular alternatives with a wide array of special features
Short and concise descriptions with grim character
Original illustrations of each eyeball in easy-to-use layouts and stylish designs
A clever, thematic alternative to generic rings, amulets, etc.

Restless Wanderer

Concept: “You can’t remember when you last slept. In times of stillness your incessant thoughts are akin to torture. The only escape is to keep moving... Your blistered feet walk paths the living have long forgotten.” 
Content: I feel seen.
Writing: Witty. Ruminating. Wretched. Ranged. Wordy.
Art/design: A “class”-ic format. Overanalyzed by the hooded figure depicted here.
Usability: A flavorful and utilitarian addition. 

The Eye Mages

Concept: “The mages glance to a paradise that was never made for the mortals of this world, so they have to adapt for it.”
Lore and stats for eye mages and the bizarre wares they peddle
Overtones of alien and body horror
Tons of twisted eyeball-based and beholder-inspired artwork
For PCs, potentially beneficial friends and potentially dangerous enemies

The Tenome

Concept: “Grave robber, beware! They feast on fresh human bones that they suck out of their live victims.”
Content: A Tenome (Tergol?) and its lair.
Writing: Simple, but with visual texture. (Specifically, eye texture)
Art/design: A restrained psychedelic palette. Befitting an oracular creature with visions of the past and the future in the palms of its hands.
Usability: An outline of a scenario, with some details left to fill. 
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