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Will Rixon

Cold Dead Fingers

Concept:  “Mere days ago a terrible thunder shook Kergüs as a colossal stone plummeted through the clouds and into the frozen surface of the lake.” 
Content: A mist-shrouded, gold-prospecting, frozen lake crawl.
Writing: A instructive and elegant hex crawl that rewards exploration consistently with meaningful choice. 
Art/design: A single column, segmented plaintext layout, with color coatings and established GM advice.
Usability: Currently in prototype, expect legibility to go down as style goes up.

Disgraced Duelist

Concept: “Once a respected champion, now a vagrant with a grudge to bear.”
Content: A competitive killer with a grudge to bear.
Writing: Channels a frankly distressing sense of martial pride.
Art/design: A menacing duelist admires his handiwork with perverse focus. Makes practiced use of purple and yellow contrast.
Usability: A familiar and comfortable class layout. 

Restless Wanderer

Concept: “You can’t remember when you last slept. In times of stillness your incessant thoughts are akin to torture. The only escape is to keep moving... Your blistered feet walk paths the living have long forgotten.” 
Content: I feel seen.
Writing: Witty. Ruminating. Wretched. Ranged. Wordy.
Art/design: A “class”-ic format. Overanalyzed by the hooded figure depicted here.
Usability: A flavorful and utilitarian addition. 
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