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Dream Stalker

Concept: “Should a dreamer encounter the Dream Stalker […] it will try to bring them back to the realm of nightmares.”
A monster that licks you to sleep, permanently
Provides a brief synopsis and stat block
The illustration will definitely haunt some nightmares
A clever way to mess with PCs when and where they least expect it


Concept: “Never sleep like the dead do or you’ll attract malevolent spirits.”
A malicious entity that targets characters at their most vulnerable
Split between descriptive and mechanical text
Perfectly illustrated by Fuseli’s Nightmare
Complex enough to have depth without being complicated or difficult to use

Paralysis Demon

Concept: “As it moves towards you out of the darkness, you turn to flee, only realizing you are glued to your position.”
A predatory, persistent night terror
Includes stat block and extended special plus a well written, evocative narrative
Very expressive illustrations that capture the sensations of nighttime paralysis
References suicide; be mindful of your players

Restless Wanderer

Concept: “You can’t remember when you last slept. In times of stillness your incessant thoughts are akin to torture. The only escape is to keep moving... Your blistered feet walk paths the living have long forgotten.” 
Content: I feel seen.
Writing: Witty. Ruminating. Wretched. Ranged. Wordy.
Art/design: A “class”-ic format. Overanalyzed by the hooded figure depicted here.
Usability: A flavorful and utilitarian addition. 

Tooth King

Concept: “Wake up, here comes the Tooth King” 
Content: Like the tooth fairy, but way worse.
Writing: A tale of teeth “exchanged” for dead pets (they still do stuff sometimes, it’s okay)
Art/design: Self-portrait of a sleep-deprived maniac grinning over a field of studded green.
Usability: As an (arguably) beneficial camp encounter for the child in us all. 
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