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Basilica of the False Prophet

Concept: “THEM. A lunatic, convinced he is the one true, basilisk. Skulking in an abandoned church on the far side of the western mountain range, he rants and plots against HE and SHE.”
Content: A desperate descent. An unexpected plunge. A shattered hope?
Writing: Miserable and descriptive encounters, backed by elegant mechanics, make a narrative descent into madness.
Art/design: A masterful balance of utility, consistency, and style. Haunting yet austere illustrations and maps fill but do not dominate the pamphlet.
Usability: Pairs well with Western Wall (also by Rugose Kohn). 

Corny Groń (Black Peak)

Concept: “Based on Pelle Nilsson’s Dark Fort, but with Polish Carpathians Mountains folklore’s flavor”
Adapts and builds on the Dark Fort concept with wilderness locales, dungeons, and thematic enemies and items
More elaborate than its source material, but adds more mechanical intricacy and plenty of character
Wiśniewska’s woodcut-inspired illustrations create a distinct sense of time and place
Complex but not overly complicated

Daughter Destroys Dragon

Concept: “The mountain, called "Mountain Crown" by the townspeople, has long been home to dragons, who occasionally appear in the city and steal away treasures. 
In other words, treasure is sleeping in that mountain.”
Content: A dragon kidnapping, treasure, and a demon exorcism.
Writing: A twist on a traditional fantasy adventure narrative.
Art/design: Engaging and dynamic sketches highlight characters and locations.
Usability: Simple concise adventure structure with randomization elements to enhance improvisational gameplay. 

The Western Wall

Concept: “A tale also known as The Quest for Yig or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept Dying”
Content: A fvcking mountain crawl.
Writing: A mountain adventure that is easy to read, but hard to climb.
Art/design: Austere as a view from the summit. Does exactly what’s needed to convey both subject and tone.
Usability: Hope you brought climbing equipment. Dying on the way there is half the fun. 

Unholy Mountain

Concept: “The Falchon ascends, climbing up to the peak. […] The next hing you know, you are falling through the air…”
A 15-room crawl through a twisted frozen dungeon
Lots of interwoven details, foreshadowing, appropriate atmosphere, and dynamic elements to keep players moving forward; rooms are described in bullet points, helping with fast reference and navigation
A relatively dense layout but uses visual cues to connect related components on the page
Well-designed for GM use; some subtle hazards may trip up players but never lead to dead ends
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