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Corny Groń (Black Peak)

Concept: “Based on Pelle Nilsson’s Dark Fort, but with Polish Carpathians Mountains folklore’s flavor”
Adapts and builds on the Dark Fort concept with wilderness locales, dungeons, and thematic enemies and items
More elaborate than its source material, but adds more mechanical intricacy and plenty of character
Wiśniewska’s woodcut-inspired illustrations create a distinct sense of time and place
Complex but not overly complicated

Court of the Black-Hearted Gnome (Dwór Czarnego Gnoma)

Concept: “Like Scorched Ruins the Black Gnome Manor protrudes from the city. Once the gesture of his hand overthrew the kingdoms, now it only rules over the remnant of his deformed mansion.”
Contains setup, gossip, hooks, random encounters, minor loot, and the dungeon itself
A balanced mix of description and mechanics, all fairly concise
Solid design, both graphic and typographic
Adopts Rotblack Sludge’s extremely efficient dungeon presentation

Kult Proroka Pnączy (The Cult of the Vine Prophet)

Concept: “Odkryj tajemnicę złowrogiego Kultu Proroka Pnączy i staw czoła jego groźnym wyznawcom w ekscytującym jednostronicowym module do Mörk Borga!” 
Content: A overgrown, larva-infested, basement cult-crawl.
Writing: A convincing cult hideout. With agency, ecology, and ingenuity. Captured in a moment.
Art/design: Grimy and vine-choked isometric map captures a moment in time.
Usability: Stylish and organized. Polish & English language. 

Tajemnice Eterycznej Twierdzy

Concept: “Widoczne w oddali ruiny twierdzy zakrzywiają otaczającą rzeczywistość. Światło wydaje się być wciągane wgłąb czarnych murów. Dlaczego tu przyszliście? To teraz bez znaczenia. Ważniejsze jest czy i jak stąd wyjdziecie.” 
Content: A time-frozen, flesh-warping, light-sucking fortress crawl.
Writing: An entertaining mix of motivated factions in a situation that’s ready to spiral out of control. In short, a good night of Mörk Borg.
Art/design: Dark and menacing AI-generated figures haunt a simple map in a tri-fold layout.
Usability: Organized into clear sections, legible, Polish. 

Tajemnice Gnuśnego Biskupa

A Polish-language dungeon centered on a covetous bishop and the beautiful daughter of a wealthy count. I like the graphic design, but I don’t read Polish and can’t offer any further comment.
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