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Y. Kikusui

Daughter Destroys Dragon

Concept: “The mountain, called "Mountain Crown" by the townspeople, has long been home to dragons, who occasionally appear in the city and steal away treasures. 
In other words, treasure is sleeping in that mountain.”
Content: A dragon kidnapping, treasure, and a demon exorcism.
Writing: A twist on a traditional fantasy adventure narrative.
Art/design: Engaging and dynamic sketches highlight characters and locations.
Usability: Simple concise adventure structure with randomization elements to enhance improvisational gameplay. 

Verhu Wants

Concept: “If you don't meet the basilisk's demands, you will die! Survive somehow within 666 seconds!”
Content: A cursed amulet, and a (probably) fatal 666-second errand. 
Writing: Clever use of The Basilisks Demand table as a mini-game. With helpful descriptions of the options a scvm could take to avoid almost certain death.
Art/design: An amusingly horrifying sketch of a disappointed (and hungry) basilisk.
Usability: A short solo adventure or introduction to Mörk Borg. 
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