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Dean Spenser Art

Beyond Deep

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Concept: “The secluded mining town of Bereleah has been ground down by the exploitation of Thunder Trove Mining, its inhabitants grasping for survival at the treacherous edge...” 
Content: A company town atop a Black Rock pit of horrors. 6 locations, 6 side quests, 11 artifacts (14 if you count cursed ones), 7 NPCs, and 10 monsters.
Writing: A moral quagmire inspired by the complex relationships and power imbalances of mining communities.
Art/design: Coarse, gritty, and at times dark illustrations and isometric maps in a rich black and white format. Organized two-column layout.
Usability: Highly legible. Available as a soft cover or pdf. 

D12 Skeletal Encounters

Concept: “The omnipresent skeleton is one of those foes that GMs can always toss at the adventurers when stuck for an idea.”   
Content: "stats for two new undead monsters as well as customization tools and a small table of encounters.” 
Writing: Exemplary skeleton mechanics, and a detailed variety of ways to get boned. 
Art/design: Full-color undead illustrations in a crisp black and yellow folder layout. 
Usability: A skeletal framework that’s easy to read and reference 

Points of Light

Concept: “a simple to learn, fast playing tabletop RPG that adapts the popular and minimalist MÖRK BORG rules to a Gygaxian fantasy setting” 
Content: Classic fantasy tropes, Mörk Borg ruleset. 
Writing: Less fatal rules, still a fatalistic setting of traditional fantasy civilization in slow inevitable decline. 
Art/design: Similarly traditional in design sensibilities.
Usability: Legible text and navigable table of contents aid reference. 
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