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A subtler approach to dying horribly

A Quiet Country Home

Concept: “A polite invitation to stay in a new home results in a run-in with the home's current occupant.”
Content: An investigation for the Mörk Borg hack: Cthork Borg.
Writing: A delightfully understated horror that is just wallpapered enough for the imagination to set in.
Art/design: Soft & post impressionistic charcoal on canvas lend an heir of forgotten tragedy to the text.
Usability: A considerate adventure layout that preserves many of its secrets until the end. 

Auld Clootie’s Bairn

Concept: “What has happened to suddenly change the behavior of little Angelica…and how can the Mercer family fit in to their new community?”
A surreally mundane adventure with a troubled tot
Provides lots of detail and dialogue as well as suggestions for alternative plots and a metric ton of nasty insults
Primarily designed around navigating events and conversations delivered via text
Ready to use out-of-the-box but can also be tinkered with and adapted to GM taste and need

Cthork Borg

Concept: “Gloomy gilded age struggles against cosmic horror”
A full adaptation of the Mörk Borg core system for weird, investigative horror in the early 20th century
An appropriate mix of clear instructional text with more evocative descriptions
More traditional layout and design than some releases, but the colors and illustrations establish the setting and tone well
At 120 pages, a bit heftier than the norm

Additional supplements for this conversion are available on the creator's itch page.


Concept: "In the city of North Gate, the Church of Abundance, worshipers of the goddess Zovra, hires the party to retrieve a stolen holy relic – the jawbone of their saint. 

Meanwhile, a strange symbol is seen around town – a  skull, with a moth in its mouth, and a single eye on its forehead." 
Content: An investigation into the cults of plenty, and their demons.
Writing: Scripted structure establishes witness and suspect statements. Contingent events sketch a timeline of events.
Art/design: Consistent and sturdy single-column layout, thematic cover art, with art of major locations and NPCs.
Usability: Flow of events requires pre-reading. Table of contents and strong section headings for ease of reference. 

From Beyond the Endless Sea

Concept: “Cultists, Bloodhawks, secret island temples, wands channeling the Black Wind, loopy hippies, gnarly artifacts, zombified townsfolk, and the ability to loot your bosses' house - and much more - await you.”
Content: A frenzied mob is overtaking Grift, do something about it.
Writing: Deified mob violence unifies multiple sessions in Grift and provides a potential antagonist for long-term play.
Art/design: Design elements convey the compulsions of a waking god. Consistent use of public domain image backdrops.
Usability: Thoughtful design elements on a large-scale aid in utility and navigation. 

House of the Hollow

Concept: “A mysterious moonlit manor – home to a retired adventurer in the midst of a terrible transformation”
A horror-themed, investigative adventure
Highly focused on delivering important details and atmosphere with a minimum of words
Clean, neat layouts optimized for easy use
The narrative surprise and subtlety may be lost on players who tend to rush in with swords drawn


Concept: “Have a cup of cider and be on your way. Don’t linger, and pay no heed to anything you hear in the apple-wood.”
Content: A folk horror apple crawl with a decidedly stuffed follower.
Writing: A surprisingly fleshed-out scarecrow follower with enough folk legends and intrigue to inspire an investigation adventure.
Art/design: A collage of public domain images with accessible blocked text.
Usability: Also available in pure plaintext. 

Knives Out

Concept: “features way too many knives” 
Content: Pointy things, capes, rules for being dandy with a variety of weapons, a seedy tavern, odd jobs, discretion, and time banditry.
Writing: An appropriate level of roguish charm, sharp wit, references, and puns.
Art/design: A vibrant and full-bodied visual design. Plenty of rouge on this rogue.
Usability: “If you are insufferable while doing it. You get DR –2 for the test. Yes. DR –2.” 

Martolea, Tuesday’s Demon

Concept: “Tuesday’s Demon rambles into desolate villages from its den high in the mountains only after a grisly tragedy has occurred on a Tuesday.”
A bizarre, subversive, brutal beast and  a simmering, horror-themed investigation spanning a few days in a seemingly quiet town
Includes a standard stat block as well as additional attributes and an overview of the monster’s MO; the adventure balances subtle tension and intrigue with moments of overt violence and gore
  Graphic design aids in navigating the adventure; illustrations add lots of creepy visual character
  Includes a town map and an appendix of character sketches for quick reference


Concept: “Those who suffer these Miseries and perish with them shall be reborn too. Suffer with them, in everlasting Misery.”
Content: A dead basilisks’ dreamcrawl.
Writing: A tortured text with misery lying just below the surface. A dying world dress rehearsal, complete with psalms.
Art/design: Strong cover illustration and design elements support a tortured narrative. 
Usability: Clear rules pamphlet with a self-contained map. Available in full color, print-friendly, and digital formats. 

The Cross Stitch

Concept: “Sönderfall was never much to look at, but as one of the only outposts on the trek between Tveland and the Western Kingdom, travelers came to rely on it for a brief respite from the road. Until a week ago, when rumor reached Schleswig that Sönderfall had vanished overnight.”
Content: A thirty-minute wrinkle in time. One full night of adventure.
Writing: A deftly woven tale that doesn’t feel stiff or leave many loose threads.
Art/design: Carefully woven threads track the timeline, combined with careful linework and strongly delineated sections, to support a securely tailored theme.
Usability: One of the easiest to reference timeline-based adventures I’ve read. 

The Secret Glory

Concept: “A 1920s supernatural investigation version of Mork Borg. Mythos Borg.”
Includes additional/alternative rules for occult investigation, gear, and a demi-class
Descriptive with a neutral tone appropriate to the content
Nicely mimics a printed document from the period
Well laid out and split down the middle for easy use by GMs and players

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