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Richard Kelly

A Quiet Country Home

Concept: “A polite invitation to stay in a new home results in a run-in with the home's current occupant.”
Content: An investigation for the Mörk Borg hack: Cthork Borg.
Writing: A delightfully understated horror that is just wallpapered enough for the imagination to set in.
Art/design: Soft & post impressionistic charcoal on canvas lend an heir of forgotten tragedy to the text.
Usability: A considerate adventure layout that preserves many of its secrets until the end. 

All's Well At The Macallen Farm

“A farm 
Its occupants 
Its other occupant 
What happens when the PCs decide to visit”
Content: A farmhouse adventure for Cthork Borg.
Writing: A timeline of horrific events both intimate and grandiose in scope. Somehow, it manages to also be funny.
Art/design: Disturbing prints punctuate a tidy single-column layout.
Usability: Clear sections and a table of contents allow for easy reference after review.  

Bork Borg

Concept: “Drastically increases the quantity and variety of dog options”
Dog breeds, dog-related items, an optional dog-based class, rules for dog PCs (with their own optional classes), and a dog-centered adventure
Clearly and affectionately written with a clever shift to the dog’s POV in the dog-PC section
Designed for easy reading and navigation with graphic touches like a dog-head border and pawprints across pages
Sit. Stay. Good.

Cthopen Cthourse

Concept: “a license for hacking the Mörk Borg hack: Cthork Borg.”
Content: An open-source license for Cthork Borg, and a basic style guide.
Writing: Mostly not legalese.
Art/design: Demonstrates the Cthork Borg style it instructs.
Usability: References Mörk Borg 3P and CC BY-NC 4.0 licenses. 

Cthork Borg

Concept: “Gloomy gilded age struggles against cosmic horror”
A full adaptation of the Mörk Borg core system for weird, investigative horror in the early 20th century
An appropriate mix of clear instructional text with more evocative descriptions
More traditional layout and design than some releases, but the colors and illustrations establish the setting and tone well
At 120 pages, a bit heftier than the norm

Additional supplements for this conversion are available on the creator's itch page.

Enemies Closer

Concept: “The price of doing business”  
Content: Faction mechanics, reputation, lore, and a scenario generator for Pharmagothica.
Writing: Some wild and thoroughly amusing factions to help/hinder your freelancers.
Art/Design: Classic art once again stands in contrast to a modern-day US bioweapons wasteland.
Usability: A functional, organized, and inspirational guide. Requires Pharmagothica.

Fascinations And Aversions

Concept: “a rules expansion that adds Miseries to the Mork Borg hack: Cthork Borg
Content: Long-term maladies and consequences for investigators.
Writing: Frighteningly specific descriptions of strange curses and conditions backed up by concise mechanical effects. 
Art/design: Clean and crisp design enhanced by the strangely sensuous illustrations of Paul Gauguin and Aubrey Beardsley.
Usability: Requires of Cthork Borg's Stability mechanics and assumes Cthork Borg’s 1920s setting.  

Fisk Borg

Concept: “An expansion that adds somber and ominous fishing”
Primarily an optional rules supplement but also includes a new class, fishing gear, hirelings, and a sprawling aquatic bestiary
Knows that it’s a grimdark fishing simulator and revels in that
Combines various image types and styles to create an eclectic visual character; text is laid out for easy reading and navigation
Absolutely packed with content, but the table of contents and graphic design make it easy to find what you’re looking for

Lil’ Scamp

“Tiny catchable creatures for MÖRK BORG”

More Mork Mëchs

“An expansion that builds on Roland Boshnack's Mech Borg”

Mörk Bug

Concept: “Elaborates on the roles of insects in underground gambling in the setting”
Stats for bugs, gear for catching bugs, rules for selling bugs, an entothropic character class, and a sprawling bug-fighting-arena-slash-gambling-parlor
Clear and readable with Kelly’s characteristic wit
Designed and laid out for readability with some buggy, Borgy flair
Laid out and designed for easy reading and reference

Perfidious Protoplasma

Concept: “An expansion that gives the humble ooze its due”
A roster of oozes with rules for the creature type, an ooze-symbiote character class, and an ooze-centered dungeon
Efficiently presents information in each section
Subtle and relatively traditional but still effective in visually reinforcing the concept; dungeon features clean, efficient layouts and design for easy use by GMs
Class is more powerful and versatile than some other classes, but balanced by the monetary and/or inventory cost of feeding the ooze


Concept: “Roleplaying In A World Of Bioweapons” 
Content: Complete rules for bioweapon fueled modern survival horror, with a swamp crawling starter scenario.
Writing: A detailed alternate history setting with mechanics emphasizing resource management, body horror, and tactical dismemberment.
Art/design: Neoclassical & romantic oil paintings and biological illustrations juxtapose a partially collapsed 2080 setting in single column layout.
Usability: A robust table of contents, utilitarian layout, rules reference, and character sheet aid in reference to this slightly more robust ruleset.  

Seven Strangers II

“A stranger waits outside.
Uncertainty on the threshold.
Herein lie eight more Classes.” 
Content: Seven more strangers for Cthork Borg, plus one uninvited guest.
Writing: A collection of archetypes that further refine the tone of your investigations.
Art/design: A single-column class presentation with a brooding collection of curated mixed media from the public domain.
Usability: A functional and consistent class format and table of contents make for quick reference. 

Shroom Barge

Concept: “From north to south, barge pilots … carry mushrooms. Dense, heaping bargeloads of mushrooms.”
An assortment of shrooms, variant Shroomic Powers (and consequences), rules for barge racing, rules of barge building, ready-made barges, and a barge-based class
Clear and easy to read prose with some obligatory conceptual weirdness
Traditional layout and design with color, illustrations, and typographical variance lending visual variety
Simple in itself; an interesting way to lend some background color or focused variety to campaigns
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