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A Grand Party at the End of the World

Concept: “Fifteen  unofficial character classes for the Mörk Borg roleplaying game”
Content: Fifteen modern road warriors and rejects at world's end.
Writing: Prolific depictions dramatize a savage cast of bombastic scvm.
Art/design: A dark background spattered in violent illustrative negatives. 
Usability: Descriptive class features may require direct reference. Action movie-style sexualized violence is occasionally implied. 


Concept: “Roleplaying In A World Of Bioweapons” 
Content: Complete rules for bioweapon fueled modern survival horror, with a swamp crawling starter scenario.
Writing: A detailed alternate history setting with mechanics emphasizing resource management, body horror, and tactical dismemberment.
Art/design: Neoclassical & romantic oil paintings and biological illustrations juxtapose a partially collapsed 2080 setting in single column layout.
Usability: A robust table of contents, utilitarian layout, rules reference, and character sheet aid in reference to this slightly more robust ruleset.  

Wear and Tear

Concept: “When the apocalypse came, perfection was the first thing to go.” 
Content: Equipment maintenance rules, gear, jobs, classes, biological modifications, and viral powers for Pharmagothica
Writing: Effective rules text. Titles and headers evoke flavor which is bulked out by the mechanics.
Art/design: A clinical format. With technical drawings and medical illustrations that typify the banality of evil.
Usability: Text balancing utility and style from entry to entry.  
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