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Tessa Winters

Knives Out

Concept: “features way too many knives” 
Content: Pointy things, capes, rules for being dandy with a variety of weapons, a seedy tavern, odd jobs, discretion, and time banditry.
Writing: An appropriate level of roguish charm, sharp wit, references, and puns.
Art/design: A vibrant and full-bodied visual design. Plenty of rouge on this rogue.
Usability: “If you are insufferable while doing it. You get DR –2 for the test. Yes. DR –2.” 

Monolith 1: Harvest

8 contributors
Concept: “A quarterly publication that focuses its cyclopean gaze on a single system with every issue”
Content: “A journey through dilapidated townsteads, rejuvenated fields and terrifying dungeons, with all the horrors you meet along the way”
Writing: The pedagogy of planting and population planning, and a forgotten temple to begotten basilisks, all aggressively annotated. 
Art/design: Darkly grotesque cultists, disturbed floral prints, cultured public domain illustrations, and colorful marginalia highlight the body text.
Usability: Organized, aside from a few intentionally frustrating almanac charts. But I’m sure you can manage those with a little old-fashioned spit and polish.


Concept: “Who needs misery when you have charm, decorum and an opposable thumb?”
Content: “A HANDsome gentleman”
Writing: Noble yet tragically doomed digits, finger-snapping farce.
Art/design: Strong color, established hierarchy, a disembodied hand.
Usability: Clean layout and strong contrast aid the legibility of smaller text. 

The Reused

Concept: “It rocket jumps. It rocket shoots. You rocket die.”
Content: A rocket jumping, rocket blasting, skull grasping monster.
Writing: Punchy and filled with the gallows humor of a doomed space marine.
Art/design: Orange and yellow that rocket into your skull.  Explosive titles scatter clean text.
Usability: Flavorful read, easy reference. 
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