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Rodney Rickrode

Ashes of Käsedorf

Concept: “You crawl from the ruins of Käsedorf with a grudge... Go now, while you still have the strength to make a difference.” 
Content: A beast hunting, rubble looting, post-battle ruin crawl.
Writing: A classic silver-chasing hexcrawl with a surprising level of motivation and intrigue.
Art/design: Vibrantly recolored and overlaid prints produce an impressionistic collage.
Usability: Organized into rough narrative sections to aid in reference during play. 

Mork Menagerie

Concept: “Each creature has been converted to capture the first edition feel with some darker flavor mixed in.” 
Content: " a compendium of classic creatures converted for use in Mörk Borg.” with bonus treasures, tables, and magic.
Writing: A traditional fantasy lineup with an appropriate mix of dark humor and setting specific details.
Art/design: Text-heavy but visually rich. A balanced compromise between forms
Usability: A well-maintained exhibit. 

Mörk Manual

Concept: “Mörk Borg mayhem in a grunge fantasy world” 
Content: oDnD classes, creatures, and setting, with an extra helping of misery.
Writing: The Dark Lord’s invasion of darkly absurdist humor into an early fantasy setting.
Art/design: Playful collage of vintage prints emphasize their subjects, strong white-bordered text aid clarity and adds to the aesthetic.
Usability: Self-contained rules, navigable index and table of contents, reference material. Solidly utilitarian. 
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