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Evlyn Moreau

A Feast For A Sphinx

Concept: “In a frozen valley, a winged lion have set her lair in the ruins of the temple of the Golden One. While some may seek to plunder the forgotten temple, rumors says that the winged beast can grant wishes...” 
Content: A golden-voiced sphinx crawl. Emphasis on the crawl.
Writing: A pragmatic and factual account of creeping horror. Revealed progressively in reading and at play.
Art/design: Tri-fold design which in turns obscures then reveals animate horrors along with the text.
Usability: A natural progression and clear design enhance usability. 

Hammer Goats

Concept: Goat people who love hammers and their offspring.
Content: see Hammer, Goat. see also Chaos, Spawn. 
Writing: A combat class that’s hammered home by versatile chaos gifts, and an entirely too gifted divine spawn.
Art/design: A frolicking herd of hammer goats cross a yellow field followed by a dreadful depiction of a goatling god. Subtle and instructive use of typographic elements.
Usability: High contrast, legible text. 

Papa Mush

“Soporific ruler of moist patch of land in a forgotten corner of the world. Holds undying grudge against all of humanity. Calls his tiny warband to action at a moment’s notice.”
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