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Ravaging Plague I: Rusted Iron, Words of Power

Concept: “Ravaging Plague aims to bring Mörk Borg and its extreme metal influences into further conversation.”
Extreme metal-inspired offerings across the board
Writing: Laden with metal-inspired imagery and themes
Brutalist text layouts balanced with organic, gritty graphics all presented in stark black & white
No table of contents or index, but layouts and different deployments of positive and negative space are good visual aids for navigation


R. M.
Concept: “Weregoats gather in black woods and haunted wildernesses where they build crude idols to their petty gods.”
Hideous man-goat amalgamations to haunt your games and dreams
Includes an overview of the monster with some short tables for armor, weapons, and numbers
Art/design: A handful of typefaces and one manky-looking goat
Generating gear takes a bit longer than fielding standard monsters, but not by much 
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