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A Tomb of Twins

Concept: “A shadow looms over Dreklow.” 
Content: A vial-fueled, twin filled, betrayal of a tomb crawl.
Writing: A tomb complex of factions, puzzles, mystery, and plenty of backstabbing.
Art/design: Dark, fluid, and scoured mixed media entombed in a clean two-column layout.
Usability: Consistency in structure and hierarchy make quick reference. 

Dead Dimensional Diver

Concept: “Remnant of a dead dimension. Long ago collapsed in on itself.”
Content: A darkness-dwelling revenant from beyond the known universe
Writing: Short, punchy flavor text with concise special features
Art/Design: Grungy typography and illustration mesh well and fit the relatively reserved but well-balanced layout
Usability: Store in a dark environment away from fire 
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