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Down Below

Concept: “‘I need a hardy group to check the district’s Drainage Works beneath the city.’”
An elaborate sewer crawl filled with NPCs, plenty of treasures, and even more hazards
Includes lots of atmosphere and characterful monologues/dialogue for NPCs
Optimized for clarity and quick navigation and reference
Provides plenty of details, clues, and dialogue for the GM to use or adapt; a potentially long adventure


Concept: “Start on the backside!”
Content: A dung’eon crawl to play on the toilet.
Writing: Filthy and fun. A delightfully nutty rules texture with the occasional crunch.
Art/design: Unexpectedly clean text layout. Perfectly legible on paper. Less so on toilet paper.
Usability: Available in A5 and half-letter. Accommodations for public bathroom play are provided in extras. Your results may vary. 

Galgenbeck Sacrifice

“Half of Galgenbeck's population is gone. Most have fallen to Josilfa's scythe. The city seems eerily empty, but nobody notices the citizens' absence. Galgenbeck was always half empty. All is as it should be.”

Sewer Salve

Concept: “The sewer guild has fled leaving these spaces to goblins and other chitter creatures, but they have left behind treasure and small stash of one of their key tools, Sewer Salve.”
Content: “a beard and skin care product that mixes the scents of patchouli, amber, and vetiver for a sweet earth aroma vaguely reminiscent of a urinal cake.”
Writing: I won’t spoil it, but there’s a pretty good pun on the lid.
Art/design: The most metal of yellow sewer grates.
Usability: A spreadable (edible?) urinal cake. I’ll get back to you once I get my hands on it. 

The Rat Saint

Concept: “Priests that fall (or get thrown) down the Galgenbeck sewers quckly find a new fervorous congregation.” 
Content: A patron saint of rats.
Writing: The mechanics for desperately crushing a burgeoning horde of rats feel novel and evocative.
Art/design: An absolutely filthy and emaciated priest plays literal host to his congregation.
Usability: Rats as area-of-effect damage. MNice! 

The Three Towers of Flägash the Undying

Concept: “A cult has taken up residence in a group of towers on the outskirts of the city of Grift.”
Content: A cult-fueled tower-crawl. With thrills, spills, and gravity-defying wills.
Writing: A responsive and versatile adventure style. With mechanics that reinforce a narrative of subtle and contagious cult reprogramming.
Art/design: A dreary affair, punctuated by the occasional otherworldly shadow or psychedelic highlight. 
Usability: Uneven two-column layout and mini-maps aid in table reference. Additional tools provided to assist in bookkeeping for the central adventure mechanic. 

Ungrateful Un-Dead

Concept: “Dark and twisted undead monsters haunt this zine.” 
Content: 35 fresh additions to the living dead. And d100 things you might find on them.
Writing: A largely amusing, occasionally horrifying.
Art/design: Silky and skeletal illustrations with a classic comic shading. In black, true black, gray, and white.
Usability: Slightly tilted, but easy to read layout. 
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