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Aaron Diprose

D20 Gore Drops

Concept: “Introducing gross and vile items to be found by curious adventurers.”
Content: Anatomically identifiable tchotchkes.
Writing: Morbid but unobtrusive body horror.
Art/design: Classic cover illustration with an itty-bitty Skelly Joe.
Usability: Roll the d20. Dig in. 

Kult of the Ouroboros

Concept: “In the sacred sanctuary, Job patiently awaits, extending an offer of transcendence and deliverance from the ever-watchful gaze of oblivion.” 
Content: A karmic snake kult crawl.
Writing: Full of moral quandaries your scvm will probably ignore, which might arguably be for the best. Transcendence is subjective.
Art/design: Delightfully detailed overhead map, and characterful NPC illustrations stylistically placed highlight a structured two-column adventure layout.
Usability: Minimalist minimap makes for easy room orientation reference during play. 

Mallum de Monstrum #2

Concept: “I love creating monsters and having them used in peoples campaigns to delight and terrify.” 
Content: Twenty-three undead monsters. 
Writing: Lairs, abilities, and loot supplement base stats in prose.
Art/design: Decomposing corpse portraits provided by Midjourney AI.
Usability: Simple condensed stat blocks. Easy to reference. 

Malum de Monstrum vol. 3

Concept: “bringing to life creatures specifically themed around the element of ‘Fire’.” 
Content: Five blazing brutes.
Writing: A variety of thematic creature abilities designed to turn up the heat. 
Art/design: From ashen to white hot, a mixture of hand-drawn and ai generated creature illustrations highlight a two-column layout.
Usability: For when your scvm fail to light the campfire. 

Malum de Monstrum Zine #001

Concept: “Once-mighty creatures of the prehistoric past now roam the lands as nightmarish monsters, driven by hunger, infection, and dark magic.”
Content: Seven blasphemous blasts from the past.
Writing: A complete ecology, from lairing habits to hunting techniques. With mechanics to math.
Art/design: Minimalist, high-contrast dinosaurs thunder through a sturdy two-column layout.
Usability: Also available in printer-friendly plaintext.

Ungrateful Un-Dead

Concept: “Dark and twisted undead monsters haunt this zine.” 
Content: 35 fresh additions to the living dead. And d100 things you might find on them.
Writing: A largely amusing, occasionally horrifying.
Art/design: Silky and skeletal illustrations with a classic comic shading. In black, true black, gray, and white.
Usability: Slightly tilted, but easy to read layout. 
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