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Dwarven Rocks-for-Brains

Concept: “When mountains are born the leftover terrestrial ejaculate spawns this crusty species.”
Content: Playable rocks.
Writing: Curt, clear, and not at all crusty.
Art/design: Dwarf contemplating their pet rock in shades yellow and green.
Usability: Distinct sections with legible body copy. 

Malum de Monstrum vol. 3

Concept: “bringing to life creatures specifically themed around the element of ‘Fire’.” 
Content: Five blazing brutes.
Writing: A variety of thematic creature abilities designed to turn up the heat. 
Art/design: From ashen to white hot, a mixture of hand-drawn and ai generated creature illustrations highlight a two-column layout.
Usability: For when your scvm fail to light the campfire. 
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