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Caleb Engelke

Beasts to Unburden

“Retrieve (1) an Axolurtle egg, and (2) any instructions that would be useful in raising the beast.”

Chrypt Titan

“The blood of the aborted spawn of SHE brought the very rocks of Bergen Chrypt to life.”

Dwarven Rocks-for-Brains

Concept: “When mountains are born the leftover terrestrial ejaculate spawns this crusty species.”
Content: Playable rocks.
Writing: Curt, clear, and not at all crusty.
Art/design: Dwarf contemplating their pet rock in shades yellow and green.
Usability: Distinct sections with legible body copy. 

Lighthouse of Weeping Bluff

Concept: “Your ship is destined to splinter on the bluffs if the light isn’t relit, condemning you to live out your remaining days in this icy hell-hole.”
A ticking-clock adventure that encompasses the journey to the lighthouse and the hornet-infested lighthouse itself
Clearly written and punctuated with visceral imagery and details
Red and yellow elements direct attention without hindering usability; hornets crawling around the page are a fun, immersive touch
Well-organized text and clever use of color to coordinate it with the maps

Seer’s Boils

“This parasitic psychic fungus spreads through sight.”

Tales and Poetry of Sarkash

Concept: “The forests of Sarkash are nourished by the dead and feed upon the weak. The inhabitants of this land used 'folksy' tales and poems for centuries to teach each other how to survive this brutal land.” 
Content: Rules to get lost by, monsters to be caught by, and places to be haunted by. With diseases, flora, fauna, artifacts, tables, fables, and poety to distract you from the darkness.
Writing: Folktales, poetry, and marginalia shed light on the dark canopy of Sarkash.
Art/design: Muted warm palette to hide from the illustrated terrors it contains inside.   
Usability: A organized and legible guidebook for any who wander Sarkash. 


“Long ago, the gods of the multiverse died all at once in a cataclysmic event. This caused the various realms they created to shatter, crash, and eventually fuse to each other. The resulting reality is a patchwork overpopulated mess.”
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