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Dungeon Havoc

7:7 tee

“Show your love for the brutal TTRPG Mork Borg by donning this brutal shirt that warns that the end is nigh!”

Final Psalm tee

“Share Verhu’s nihilistic prophecy from the Mork Borg TTRPG with the world.”


“Flocks of geese have been migrating in compact formations of late. During these migrations a few have been known to seal together into a Hydra-Goose.”


“The old gods are dead, and people are fighting for the right to survive in a world ruled by monsters.”


“Long ago, the gods of the multiverse died all at once in a cataclysmic event. This caused the various realms they created to shatter, crash, and eventually fuse to each other. The resulting reality is a patchwork overpopulated mess.”
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